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The world has seen phenomenal growth in mobile devices and their usage around the world. The form factor has reduced, but the computing power has grown many folds. OTS Solutions has worked in past decade amassing great talent pool of world class mobile app developers in platforms and devices like iOS, Android, Windows, iPhones, iPad, Tablets etc. OTS Solutions with time and experience, has optimized its internal hiring processes with stringent guidelines and parameters to hire only top quality engineers. Our top mobile app developers come from a wide array of industry skill set with technologies spread ranging from native styled objective-C, Java, Swift, Kotlin to cross platform technologies like Ionic, React-JS, Titanium. Hire Top Mobile App Developers Hire Mobile Engineers

How to recover my password at speeddate

go to the sign in page and click forgot my password.
11/22/2021 1:14:46 AM • SpeedDate – Real... • Answered on Nov 22, 2021

New password for badoo

Visit and click the "recover your password" button then follow the instructions on badoo...
11/21/2021 1:25:33 PM • badoo Meet New... • Answered on Nov 21, 2021

I cant download and save pics sent to me on kik

i am also facing same problem
11/5/2021 11:07:50 PM • Kik Interactive... • Answered on Nov 05, 2021

How to Root Android Phone with or without Computer

Do you want unlimited control over your phone? Android rooting opens up a world of possibility!
on Nov 05, 2021 • Android Apps

Common Things to Keep in Mind When Selecting a Mobile App Developer

Selecting a mobile app developer is not a straightforward activity and should never be rushed because the outcome may not be favorable. You may be tempted to go for the cheapest quote, but this might cost you more than twice the highest estimate you have. So, what should you consider when selecting mobile app developer? 1) The Portfolio of the Developer Top mobile app developers have a history in the business, and that means there is at least one app they have designed. Usually, they are proud to display the apps they have made. If they don't have samples on their websites, you can ask for a list of companies they have worked with. This will give you insight into the kind of apps they design and the level of service you should expect once the job is complete. Mobile app developer who have designed high-ranking mobile apps in the past are very likely to create a great product for you too. 2) Check the Reviews of their Apps Some apps may look good but are not functional at all. Sometimes, the targeted audience is unable to use apps that you find simple and well designed. That is why user reviews are important. They help you determine the mobile app developer capacity to adjust their products to suit the intended users. Ideally, you should find a mobile app developer who has worked in your industry. A medical app and a smartphone game alternative are made differently. What makes one product great might make be the worst quality in the other app. For consistency, you can look up the reviews on the apps made within your industry or similar sectors. This will allow you to analyze the mobile app developer properly. 3) Find a Developer who Understands Marketing as well as App Designing Mobile applications are a means to more business, and as such, they need to be marketable. A business-minded mobile app developer will brand your app and add the proper elements to make it good for client conversions. The developer should understand all the aspects of your business since the app will also be a base for your company. You can ask the developer what value they will add to your company through the app. The answer should point you in the right direction. 4) Hire a Developer who will Stick with you even after the App is Delivered Often, developers will want to forget about the app after the money is paid. Be careful, however, because bugs always come up in software. You may not notice it in the demonstration or even in the first weeks, but they will show up later on. Remember that your app is a pathway to more business, and delays will cost you a lot of money. To prevent such incidents, find a developer who is ready to fix problems that come up later on. You can find this out by checking their warranty agreements. The guarantee should run for a period that is long enough for you to uncover bugs in the product. Also, you can consult some of the developer's previous clients to see how they handled bugs and issues in their software. Don't believe any mobile app developer who tells you that their apps never have bugs. That might imply that they are dishonest. All apps have bugs and might need to be improved in the future. 5) Make sure you are working with a team Teams are better than individuals since they will be able to come up with a functional app that is also easy to use. The business aspect of your app will be taken into consideration and still allow you to access the best talent in mobile application development. Also, get the contacts of the person who will be in charge of the project. That way, you will be able to get timely updates on the progress of the job. Conclusion It is very easy to go wrong with the selection of a mobile app development company. There are many people who claim to design great apps for you, but most will give out poor products and even poorer customer service. To reduce the probability of such incidences, you should consider the tips outlined here. JumpGrowth Helps To Create Next Generation Mobile Apps

How To boost Battery Power In Android

Are you suffering from the rapid battery drainage on your Android? If so, try the Greenify app in the Google Play store. It hibernates the app that are running in the background and saves more battery power than before. I hope my tip will be useful Android users . It can hibernate the app that
on Sep 17, 2020 • Android Apps

How to Download Videos directly into Android Smartphone

YouTube videos are a great way to pass the time. If you are with an android smartphone then you can also directly download youtube vides with TubeMate YouTube Downloader app on your phone and watch them even when you don't have access to internet. We have tested this app on our Samsung Galaxy s3. Features The App Home consists of the usual YouTube mobile view with search function and buttons for home, categories, live, favorites, playlists, subscriptions, My Videos, inbox, history, settings, and the option "Add TV". From menu button it is possible to switch from Mobile view to desktop view.Moreover, here most of configuration options can be found like empty the Cache, settings for the fast downloads, language, region and notifications, and set the download folder for videos and MP3 audio tracks. There is also an option to change home screen to "Offline Home" instead of online TubeMate view. This provides direct access to the folder with the previously downloaded videos. Videos can also be added into the app via playlist and can be shared on social networks. If you are low on internal memory then you can change the default download folder to SD card. Depending on the quality of the original video, the selection of various download formats and resolutions are possible (see screenshots). You can also choose to download only the video in MP3 format.. These choices are also beneficial if you don't downloaded video but watch them online, for example, if you have low bandwidth of Internet connection or rather weak hardware. Several videos can be simultaneously added into queue and they will be downloaded in order. Operability
TubeMate is very simple and intuitive. In contrast to the download app "TubeGod" it has can also be supports other languages like German and Spanish.
Downloaded videos get stored on the default folder for easy retrieval. The video was viewed even at the highest resolution video without any problems. On android phones with weaker hardware it is advised that videos should be watched at a lower resolution. There were no crashes during the test on Samsung galaxy s3. To dowload Tubemate Youtube downloader just click on the link below.
Downloading TubeMate YouTube Downloader 2 2 5 636
on Sep 10, 2020 • Android Apps

How to put your android in safe mode from locked screen

From the locked screen, bring up the power off box. Long press power off and another box will pop up asking if you want to restart in safe mode.
on Apr 10, 2019 • Android Apps

How to Play Music and Record Video on an Android Phone

As an Android user myself, I know how irritating it is when you are recording a video and try to play a song, but it stops recording. Thankfully, I found an app that works in the background: Background Video Recorder Apps on Google Play . However, you have to follow the following steps to play a song at the same time as recording: Step One: Install Background Video Recorder Step Two: Open your music app (Google Play Music, Youtube Red, Spotify, etc.) Step Three: Start playing the song Step Four: WITHOUT pausing the music, open Background Video Recorder app and begin recording. When you are done recording, hit STOP in the Background Video Recorder app and enjoy your video [DISCLAIMER] This tip is not an advertisement. I make no money from Background Video Recorder app for posting this and I endorse the product purely for the betterment of other Fixya users.
on Nov 02, 2018 • Android Apps

How to ask about stuff on Fixya

How to get the right answers each time. Add photos of what you are talking about. Include every detail of what is happening or what info you are needing. give a model name. tell us everything you have tried.
on Jul 31, 2018 • Fixya

How to move apps to an sd card.

Move Apps to SD Card Using Application Manager
  1. Tap Apps.
  2. Select an app you want to move to the microSD card.
  3. Tap Storage.
  4. Tap Change if it's there. If you don't see the Change option, the app cannot be moved. ...
  5. Tap Move.
  6. Navigate to settings on your phone. ...
  7. Tap Storage.
  8. Select your SD card.
More items...
on Jun 15, 2018 • Android Apps

How to Fix “Unfortunately, Android Keyboard Has Stopped”

Clear cache of the keyboard app you are using, and if that does not fix the problem clear the app's data. Clear the cache and data of the Dictionary app. Reset the keyboard settings. Go to Settings > Language and Input > Samsung Keyboard > Reset Settings. How to Fix Unfortunately Android Keyboard Has Stopped Technobezz How to clear an app's cache and fix app crashes in Android
  1. Open the Settings menu and choose Application Manager. ...
  2. Tap the All tab, then look for and tap on the troublesome application - in this case 'Samsung Galaxy'.
  3. In this order select Force Stop, Clear Cache, Clear Data.
  4. Restart the phone and all should be well
How to fix app crashes and clear an app cache in Android How do I get my keyboard back to normal on Samsung?
Swype keyboard
  1. From the Home screen, tap the Apps icon.
  2. Tap Settings. If necessary, tap General management.
  3. Tap Language and input.
  4. Tap Default keyboard.
  6. On Google voice typing, move the switch to ON.
Keyboard Samsung Galaxy S7 Samsung keyboard keeps on stopping Google Search
on Dec 17, 2017 • Android Apps

How to Fix The Dead Android and Red Triangle

I think it,s time for a factory reset , you will lost all you data !!!!! 1. Turn tablet off. You may need to use two hands in this process to press and hold buttons properly. 2. Turn on the tablet with power button, wait a full 2 seconds from the time the tablet starts showing the red Motorola logo, then press and hold the down Volume key. (you should not hold down the power button after it turns on and logo appears) 3. "Android Recovery" will appear on top of screen if timing is done correctly. Release volume button. (if you continue to press volume down at that message, the message will cycle through "RSD, Fastboot, and back to Android Recovery. Make sure message states Android Recovery before you go to next step). If stuck at a RSD protocol or Fast boot screen, reboot the tablet by holding power button then pressing the volume up). 4. While screen states "Android Recovery", Press volume up button, the screen will say "Entering Android recovery mode" and a few seconds later an Android robot graphic will appear alone on the screen. Release buttons. 5. Hold down power button and then press the volume up key together to see the Android Recovery screen menu selections. 6. Use the volume buttons to move up and down through selection in this menu. 7. Using the volume down button, scroll down to "Wipe data/factory reset" 8. Tap Power hard key to select option. 9. Scroll down to select "Yes, delete all user data". 10. Tap the power button to select. Wiping and formatting data will take a few minutes. 11. You will return back to the Android recovery screen menu. 12. Tap the Power button to "Reboot system now" which will power-cycle tablet and eventually power back on to the Initial Set-up / Welcome screen present when you first turned on your tablet. android man on his back with red triangle on his chest Google Search
on Dec 15, 2017 • Android Apps

How to convert simple utorrent apk to mod utorrent apk

Features Of uTorrent Pro Apk

Features Of uTorrentBattery saver mode. Wi-Fi only mode. No Advertisements. No Download & Speed Limits. How to Download utorrent pro apk in this link. uTorrent Pro Apk Free Download for Android V3 41 Latest Mod
on Nov 29, 2017 • Android Apps
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