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How do I find the - symbol on my brother printer?

To type symbols,
  1. Press the [Symbol] key ( / ) to enter the Symbol selection screen.
  2. Press orto select the desired category.
  3. Press the [OK] key ( ) or [Enter] key ( / ).
  4. Press , ,or until the desired symbol appears.
  5. Press the [OK] key ( ) or [Enter] key ( / ) to add the symbol to the text.
9/1/2023 2:58:07 PM • Brother Office... • Answered on Sep 01, 2023

Brother printer ink cartridge chips

Unlike the inferior Epson cartridges, the Brother printer resets the chip when you refill them. Follow the installation of fresh cartridge instructions.
8/19/2023 5:04:31 PM • Brother Office... • Answered on Aug 19, 2023

Brother MFC-j835DW. Where is the ink absorber on it please?

MFC-J835DW - Ink Absorber Full - Brother support

Brother USA > faqend > prod=mfcj835... Jan 20, 2020 - The ink absorber box or flushing box needs to be replaced. > Contact Brother customer service from the "Contact Us" section.

How to the reset ink absorber full error on a Brother ...

Printer Bullet > blog > How to the res... With the printer turned on and ready to print remove the power cable from the printer (or turn the printer off if you have a fixed power cable). Hold down MENU/ ... ..videos. They all run to the same theme.
8/1/2023 5:14:29 PM • Brother Office... • Answered on Aug 01, 2023

MFC-440CN printing problem

i cannot print anything
7/15/2023 6:16:38 PM • Brother... • Answered on Jul 15, 2023

Brother printer/scanner MFC-J485DW scanner bar can't find home position

The is a lot of help and videos in the bottom link, but this post appears to fix the issue according to Brother, and the link below that from iFixit gives an alternative solution but way more complicated..

"Unable to Init. AF"

Brother-USA > answers > detail > a_id The message "Unable to Init. AF" will appear on the display for one of the following reasons: i. A foreign object, such as a paper clip or ripped piece of ... Videos ..
7/14/2023 12:09:02 PM • Brother Office... • Answered on Jul 14, 2023

Have brother dcp l2540dw laser printer will print from computer but will not make copies pl help

Could the DCP-L2540DW be waiting for another page to be scanned for a two-sided document? If it is set for manually copying both sides of a page that is on the scanner glass, press 2 or the down arrow to get the copy to print. See the basic user guide available here: to find the section to set the copy function to turn off the two-sided option. If the LCD screen says "out of memory", you need to get faxes and other print jobs out of memory or turn off memory receive. If the LCD screen shows "scan unable", then the scanner mechanism may not be moving properly. Try turning the all-in-one off and unplugging it for a while. If the mechanism is still stuck when the power is connected again, then the unit needs to be repaired or replaced. If it is under warranty (1 year unless you bought the extended protection), contact Brother. Cindy Wells
7/10/2023 10:57:44 PM • Brother Office... • Answered on Jul 10, 2023

Init unable AF

AF means that the CIS scanner is (can) not (get)in right position. This could be because of a broken scanner flat cable, or a loose flatcable or a defective pcb. Check flatcable connection at the pcb (Open scanner like changing carts, open flatcable cover with a screwdriver. Does the flatcable stick in the pcb? (There is only the flatcable without a connector ;-)) Reconnect and power up mfc again. If it doesn't help please write again here.
7/10/2023 3:29:27 PM • Brother... • Answered on Jul 10, 2023

Brother 8510 Faded image ?

If you have replaced multiple components in your Brother 8510 printer, including the oven unit, laser unit, high voltage board, power board, and drum unit, but are still experiencing faded images, there are a few other potential causes and solutions to consider: 1. Toner Cartridge: Ensure that you are using a genuine and compatible toner cartridge for your Brother 8510. Low-quality or incompatible toner cartridges can result in poor print quality. Try replacing the toner cartridge with a new, genuine Brother cartridge to see if it resolves the issue. 2. Toner Density Settings: Check the toner density settings in the printer's software or control panel. If the density is set too low, it can result in faded or light printouts. Increase the toner density setting to see if it improves the print quality. 3. Cleaning the Corona Wire: The corona wire is responsible for transferring the toner to the paper. If it is dirty or contaminated, it can cause faded prints. Consult your printer's manual for instructions on how to clean the corona wire properly. Be careful when handling the corona wire as it is delicate. 4. Print Settings: Check the print settings on your computer or within the printer's software. Ensure that you are using the appropriate print quality settings and that any power-saving modes are disabled. Adjusting the print settings to a higher quality mode can enhance the print quality. 5. Contact Brother Support: If you have exhausted all the troubleshooting steps and the issue persists, it may be beneficial to reach out to Brother customer support or a qualified printer technician. They can provide further guidance or arrange for a professional inspection and repair of your printer. Remember to follow the manufacturer's guidelines and safety precautions when working with printers and their components.
6/27/2023 4:05:35 PM • Brother Office... • Answered on Jun 27, 2023

Brother HL3170CDW printer. Waste Toner Box clearing error message.

There is a section at the end of this post
  1. If error message still says replace waste toner box, then you need to check the sight glass again. The flag must be horizontal at the bottom of the glass or it is not completely empty. ..
5/9/2023 4:14:21 AM • Brother Office... • Answered on May 09, 2023

I am looking for a printed manual for the brother luminaire

It does look like a full model description, but manuals and help in the link. ..
5/9/2023 3:41:28 AM • Brother Office... • Answered on May 09, 2023

How do I Fix Brother printer printing blank pages issue of my Brother printer?

Completely or partially blank pages when printing from ...

Brother-USA > answers > detail > a_id Completely or partially blank pages when printing from Windows or Macintosh computer only. 1. Place a document with text or an image on the flatbed or in the ...

The printer prints blank paper - Brother HL-5240

iFixit > Answers > View > The+printe... Sep 5, 2016 · 5 answers Here are the steps to fix the brother printer printing completely blank pages issue. 1. First of all, you should restart the devices, ...

Fix brother printer printing blank pages > fix-brother-printer-... Jan 23, 2023 - Why brother printer keeps printing blank pages · Ink cartridges have jammed or there is a paper jam. · The printer head is blocked or jammed. · The ...
5/9/2023 1:14:54 AM • Brother Office... • Answered on May 09, 2023

Brother MFC685CW printer is in error state?

Personally, I would just have found the correct USB Cable for it. The most likely reason would be that the Router details for the WiFi were not entered correctly. A quick search suggests it might be incorrect drivers. The windows version tends to be important in these questions.
4/18/2023 2:49:25 AM • Brother Office... • Answered on Apr 18, 2023

Brother MFC-L2710DW Compact Monochrome Laser printer is on 'Deep sleep and Stack Copies' mode.

Question edited for clarity. You need to Reboot everything first, Computer, Router and Printer and then Turn off Deep Sleep Mode.

Unable to print after the machine has entered "Deep Sleep"

Brother-USA > answers > detail > a_id Reboot your computer and the power to your Brother machine. - Reboot the power to your router. - Attempt to print from another network-connected computer to ... Can I turn off Deep Sleep Mode?
  1. Press Menu.
  2. Press the UP OR DOWN ARROW to display General Setup. ...
  3. Press the UP OR DOWN ARROW to display Ecology. ...
  4. Press Sleep Time.
  5. Using the dial pad on the touch screen, enter the length of time (0-90 minutes) the machine will remain idle before entering Sleep mode. ...
  6. Press Stop/Exit.

Can I turn off Deep Sleep Mode? - Brother

4/13/2023 12:13:50 AM • Brother Office... • Answered on Apr 13, 2023

Powder spreads on drum in 7535 brother printer. What should i do?. Please help

Your Brother printer model 7535's drum may be getting toner powder on it for a number of different reasons. You might try the following troubleshooting steps: Make sure the toner cartridge is seated and correctly put in the printer by checking it. Toner powder may spread on the drum if the toner cartridge is not placed properly. Cleaning the drum may be necessary if it is unclean or has toner powder on it. A clean, lint-free cloth should be used to carefully wipe the drum after opening the printer and removing the toner cartridge. Avoid touching the drum with your fingers as this may leave a fingerprint that can affect print quality. Replace the drum: The drum may need to be replaced if it is worn out or damaged. For information on how to change the drum, consult the documentation or manual that came with your printer. Go at the printer's settings: Make sure the printer's settings are configured properly for the kind of paper you are using. Toner powder may spread on the drum if the printer is configured to use heavy or thick paper.
3/7/2023 6:50:18 PM • Brother Office... • Answered on Mar 07, 2023

Brother dp 525cj word processor does not power on

please check the required power input of the brother dp 525cj word processor. maybe the new power adapter has a high power output or low power output.
3/5/2023 9:34:14 PM • Brother Desktop... • Answered on Mar 05, 2023

I have a brother GX8500 electric typewriter I replace the ribbon and it turns on and everything but I can't type it won't do anything else

If your Brother GX-8500 electric typewriter is not typing after replacing the ribbon, here are a few things you can try:
  1. Make sure the ribbon is properly installed. Ensure that the ribbon is installed with the correct side facing the platen and that it is threaded properly through the guides.
  2. Check the print wheel. Make sure the print wheel is properly installed and that none of the spokes are bent or damaged. If the print wheel is damaged, it may need to be replaced.
  3. Check the correction tape. If your typewriter has a correction tape, make sure it is installed properly and that it is not jammed or tangled. A faulty correction tape can cause typing issues.
  4. Check the power supply. Make sure the typewriter is properly plugged in and that the power outlet is functioning. You can also try plugging the typewriter into a different outlet.
  5. Try resetting the typewriter. Some typewriters have a reset button or combination of buttons that can be pressed to reset the machine to its default settings. Refer to the user manual or contact Brother customer support for instructions on resetting your specific model.
If none of these solutions work, it's possible that there may be a more serious issue with the typewriter that requires professional repair.
3/3/2023 4:04:35 AM • Brother Office... • Answered on Mar 03, 2023

How do I remove a stuck toner cartridge from a Brother TN630 printer

If you have a stuck toner cartridge in your Brother TN630 printer, here are some steps you can try to remove it: Turn off your printer and unplug it from the power source. Open the front cover and carefully remove the drum and toner assembly. Locate the release lever on the side of the toner cartridge and push it down. Try to gently pull the toner cartridge out of the drum unit. If the toner cartridge is still stuck, try gently wiggling it back and forth while pulling it out. If the toner cartridge still won't come out, try using a pair of pliers to grip the cartridge and pull it out. Be careful not to damage the cartridge or other parts of the printer. Once the cartridge is removed, clean any debris or residue from the drum unit and the cartridge itself. Reinstall the drum and toner assembly back into the printer, making sure it is securely in place. Close the front cover and plug the printer back in. Turn on the printer and test if it is working properly. If these steps do not work, it may be best to contact Brother's customer support for further assistance or to schedule a repair.
2/25/2023 11:24:29 AM • Brother Office... • Answered on Feb 25, 2023

Can the Brother MFC-2690DW scan photo slides???

Yes, the Brother MFC-2690DW can scan photo slides. It is capable of scanning a range of documents and media, including photos and slides, in both black and white and color. The Brother MFC-2690DW also comes with a range of software which can be used to automatically adjust the quality of the images and scan them into digital formats such as JPEG or TIFF. Additionally, you can use the Brother MFC-2690DW to scan and digitize slides directly into a computer or other digital device, allowing you to easily store and share your images.
2/16/2023 9:05:31 AM • Brother Office... • Answered on Feb 16, 2023

When I try to print

open the back of the label maker. remove the cartridge. in the lower right hand corner of the where the cartridge fits, there are 3 little posts that are pushed in when you insert the cartridge. find the holes on the cartridge that fit over those posts. cover the holes on the cartridge with tape. reinsert cartridge. try again. worked for me. If you push in the posts individually, you can figure out which one is giving you the error message. I'm not sure that it really makes a difference. I taped over all three holes and it worked fine after that. i realize its not a perfect fix, but may allow you to print anyways!
2/5/2023 11:57:21 PM • Brother P-Touch... • Answered on Feb 05, 2023

Brother p touch 1005 new batteries inserted won't turn on

Has not been used in a while but nothing, new batteries new tape, used the eleIf your Brother P-Touch 1005 label printer won't turn on after installing new batteries, there are several possible solutions you can try:
  1. Check the battery installation: Make sure that the batteries are inserted correctly, with the correct polarity. If the batteries are not inserted correctly, this can cause the device not to turn on.
  2. Clean the battery compartment: Dirt and debris can build up in the battery compartment, which can prevent the device from turning on. Clean the battery compartment and make sure that the battery contacts are clean and free from debris.
  3. Use a different power source: Try using the AC adapter that came with the device to see if it will turn on when plugged into an electrical outlet.
  4. Factory Reset: Hold down the "Frame" button while you insert the batteries to perform a factory reset on the device.
  5. Contact Brother Support: If none of these solutions work, the issue may be with the device itself and you may need to contact Brother support for further assistance.
It is important to follow the manufacturer's instructions and guidelines when attempting to troubleshoot any issues with the devic ctric wire nothing
2/5/2023 8:05:43 PM • Brother PT-9600... • Answered on Feb 05, 2023
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