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I have a Braun shaver S7. The cleaning charging station has stopped working unless I sit there and hold the button down. How do I reset it?

The button will be part of the control board, and needs replacing. If you can remove the base and get inside it, you may be able to clean the back of it with Electrical Switch Cleaner.. I Braun Service Centre could get parts and repair it, or you can replace it and get a brand new charger / cleaning unit. There are some videos that _may_ help.

Braun 81622438 Series 7 Pulsonic Clean & Charge Station

Mercury Shaver Centre > canada > braun-816224... Description. Original Braun 81622438 Clean & Charge Station for Braun Series 7 Pulsonic self-cleaning shavers. Please check Model/Type listing before ordering. $89.95

Braun Clean & Charge Station for Pulsonic Series 7 ... > Braun-Charge-Station-Pulso... SHAVER STATION: Braun Pulsonic Series 7 shaver charging base has an automatic program selection and fast clean feature. HYGIENIC: Removes shaved stubble ... Rating: 4.1 · ‎40 reviews · ‎US$79.99 ..
5/14/2024 1:28:08 AM • Braun Health &... • Answered on May 14, 2024

Diode laser hair removal is better than IPL or DPL?

All the details Anna, starting with the conclusion. CONCLUSION. To conclude, diode lasers are better for hair reduction and pigmentation removal, while IPL lasers can be more versatile and can address a wider range of skin concerns. The choice between the two will depend on the specific needs and goals of the patient. Jan 31, 2023

IPL vs Diode Laser Hair Removal - Cosmeditech

Cosmeditech > News > Blog

Diode Laser Hair Removal VS. IPL ...

Spotless Laser > blog > diode-laser-hair-remo... Diode laser hair removal is more comfortable because of the integrated cooling and treats more hair and skin types, whereas IPL is best suited for those with ...

The Difference between IPL & Diode Laser Hair Removal

Oxford Laser Aesthetics > Blog The treatment methods outlined above mean that, typically, IPL technology will require more regular and long-term treatments for hair reduction, while diode ...

Difference between IPL, DPL, SHR and Laser Hair Removal > ufaqs > what-is-the-differe... Aug 10, 2020 - Even though DPL is an advanced form of IPL, it is effective and quick in hair removal when compared to IPL. It removes all the gentle and small . ..
2/28/2024 7:45:44 PM • Braun Health &... • Answered on Feb 28, 2024

Braun Battery dead How do disassemble it

Braun Series 3 Electric Razor disassembly and battery replacement (original and AA NIMH batteries) ( Braun 9-in-1 Trimmer - Disassembly/Battery Replacement ( Remove the Screws: First, you'll need to remove any screws that hold the device together. Look for visible screws on the casing or housing. Use the appropriate screwdriver (usually a Phillips or Torx) to carefully unscrew them. Open the Casing: Once the screws are removed, gently pry open the casing. Be cautious not to damage any delicate components inside. You can use a flathead screwdriver or a plastic opening tool for this step. Access the Battery: Inside the casing, you'll find the battery. Depending on the specific Braun device, the battery may be soldered in place or connected via a connector. If it's soldered, you'll need to desolder the connections. If it's connected via a connector, carefully disconnect it. Replace the Battery: If you have a replacement battery, insert it in place of the old one. Make sure to observe the correct polarity (positive and negative terminals). Secure the battery back in its position. Reassemble the Device: Put the casing back together, aligning all the components properly. Screw it back in place. Test the Device: Once reassembled, check if the device powers on. If it does, congratulations! You've successfully replaced the battery.
2/12/2024 3:40:02 AM • Braun Health &... • Answered on Feb 12, 2024

Replacing motherboard on Braun Series 5 Shaver

I have the same shaver. The motherboard is simple, it has an electronic on/off button, a charger control and that is it. Nothing to program. Help here, but I would let a Braun Service centre do the job. Getting inside can be tricky. ..
11/29/2023 12:46:01 AM • Braun Health &... • Answered on Nov 29, 2023

Braun series 7 pulsonic 9595 excessive vibration

Did you change the motor drive unit as well or just the part that holds the foil. They are supposed to vibrate, but it is difficult to quantify 'excessive'. With my Series 5 and my previous model, I have found Braun Service Centres to be excellent at diagnosis and repair. ..
11/26/2023 8:25:28 PM • Braun Health &... • Answered on Nov 26, 2023

Braun Series 9 Clean and Charging station not working.

The short beep and LED on indicate that the Braun Series 9 charging and cleaning station is receiving power, but is not working properly. First, make sure the station is charged. If the station is charged, but still not working, try unplugging it and plugging it back in. If it still doesn't work, review the user manual to see if there are additional troubleshooting steps, or contact us for assistance. As for the Nakamichi 680ZX deck, the half-speed rotation speed indicator should light up when the rotational speed is selected in the middle. If this does not happen, the drive may be damaged and would need to be repaired.
9/13/2023 7:21:19 PM • Braun Health &... • Answered on Sep 13, 2023

My Braun Series 7 shaver drops out shavings rather than catching them in the shaver head. How do I fix this?

I have used one of these for over 10 years, and never had it leak shavings unless I am shaving the top of my head after shaving my face. You say you regularly use the cleaning station. It needs cleaning of shavings after every use. I remove the head and tap the shaver and head over the sink after every shave. About every two weeks, I rinse the foil and clean the cutter and shaver top with an old toothbrush and soapy water and leave it to dry.
9/13/2023 7:16:15 PM • Braun Health &... • Answered on Sep 13, 2023

Braun Thermoscan 6022 is not switching on. Used it perfecto last night, this morning it's not working. Changed batteries... still nothing

If your Braun Thermoscan 6022 thermometer is not switching on even after you have replaced the batteries, there could be a few possible causes:
  1. Battery installation: Make sure that you have inserted the batteries correctly, with the correct polarity. Check the battery contacts for any corrosion or debris and clean them if necessary.
  2. Battery type: The Braun Thermoscan 6022 requires two AA alkaline batteries. If you have used a different type of battery, such as rechargeable batteries, this could be the reason why the thermometer is not turning on.
  3. Battery life: Even if the batteries are new, they could be defective or may have run out of charge quickly. Try replacing the batteries with a fresh set of AA alkaline batteries.
  4. Reset: Try resetting the thermometer by removing the batteries for at least one minute and then reinserting them. This can sometimes help to reset the internal electronics of the thermometer.
  5. Faulty thermometer: If none of the above steps work, it is possible that the thermometer itself is faulty. In this case, you may need to contact Braun customer support for further assistance or consider purchasing a new thermometer.
2/26/2023 11:48:06 PM • Braun Health &... • Answered on Feb 26, 2023

I have a Braun thermoscan 6022 - will not switch on.I have tried replacing the batteries changing probe covers and cleaning etc but not sure what else to do or try .

If you have tried replacing the batteries and cleaning the device, and it still will not switch on, there may be an issue with the internal circuitry of the thermometer. In this case, it may be necessary to have it repaired or replaced. You can contact Braun customer support for assistance with troubleshooting or to inquire about repair or replacement options.
2/23/2023 2:27:53 PM • Braun Health &... • Answered on Feb 23, 2023

I mistakenly connected a two prong nose trimmer plug to my Braun S5. I don't recall if there was a noticeable reaction. But I do know that my S5 will not accept a charge.

Models numbers are useful in such questions but it looks like one might be 12 volts and the other 6 volts.

Braun Shaver Charger - > braun-shaver-charger > k=bra... Results 1 - 48 of 602 - BENSN Shaver Charger 12V Power Cord for Braun Shaver Series 9 8 7 5 3 1, Trimmer Electric Razor Charging Cord for 3010s 3040s 3350cc-4 340S ...
2/8/2023 6:04:20 AM • Braun Health &... • Answered on Feb 08, 2023

Braun Series 7 shaver. Battery replaced but still shows dead.

Question edited for clarity. Check the battery for voltage with a digital voltmeter. Then check the charging circuit.
2/5/2023 1:45:58 AM • Braun Health &... • Answered on Feb 05, 2023

Braun Syncro 7680 Electric Razor

Managed to fix it - actually was a 7680. Only do this if you:

1. have a small screwdriver set

2. are handy putting little delicate plastic pieces and springs together again

3. are prepared to face the possibility that you might break the shaver entirely

4. you are out of warranty so you don't care if you invalidate it

THE PROBLEM is caused by a small flat metal assembly that acts as a spring to hold the blue button in place. That is held by 4 small glue posts. The glue breaks down, the flat spring falls out of place and the blue button is no long in the right place.


a. gently remove the plastic cover around the electrical socket underneath, using a small flathead screwdriver to pry it open

b. the two metallic sides of the shaver can be pulled away starting at the bottom of the shaver

c. uncrew the four screws on the underside of the shaver

d. remove cutter block, battery/lcd block (make sure you don't lose the grommet around the lcd display1.gif

e. pull the spring and little plastic latch off the underside of the switch, make sure you remember how to put it back (took me almost 20 mins to figure out how to get that back afterwards)

f. slide the switch all the way up and pull it off the slide - you might need a little gentle force and a flathead screwdriver to coax it off - be careful you don't break anything here

g. remove the trimmer from the rest of the switch

h. put the blue piece back in place (mine had fallen out), then glue the flat metal spring back in place. I smeared brush-on crazy glue on the flat surfaces to hold it in place, I would imagine a four drops of reasonably strong glue on each of the glue posts would work best. Wait for the glue to dry and achieve strength.

i. slide the trimmer back into place, then the plastic latch and spring - this is the tricky part. Make sure the switch can slide on/off in all positions properly.

j. put the display/battery & cutter block back in place. put the back of the shaver on, hold the shaver together with your fingers and test the switch works in all positions without jamming. If so put the four screws back, followed by the metallic sides followed by the plastic cover of the electrical socket.

1/3/2023 10:55:04 PM • Braun Syncro... • Answered on Jan 03, 2023

Braun series 7 cleaning station has red lights

When the razor is not regularly cleaned in the cleaning station and the hygiene indicator goes low, the cleaning station may lose its ability to sense the fluid level. I almost sent the cleaning station in for repair (mine is out of warranty) but was able to clear the faulty condition by resetting the razor's cutter replacement (holding the small recessed reset button below "Braun" logo on the razor) and unplugging/replugging the station then attempting a cleaning until it performed one completely successful cleaning cycle. After that the fluid level showed full. I also heard that the drain hole in the "cup" where the razor sits can get clogged - not sure what happens then but you want to keep that clean.Update 2/2018: If you mix your own formula as others note, it is important to include some tap water for electrical conductivity for the fluid sensor to work.
11/28/2022 2:14:53 AM • Braun 8585... • Answered on Nov 28, 2022

Braun series 3 shaver small spring has come out of

I left this for a while and used just one side of the foil, and as I was about to buy a new one I thought I'd give this a try - a weird idea. Try cutting a pen's spring (at the end) to a similar size to the spring and try putting that under the plastic clip. It's worked for me!
10/31/2022 12:10:34 PM • Braun Health &... • Answered on Oct 31, 2022

I have a Braun Series 7 wet dry shave it says it's charging but it won't take a charge.

Guessing it is a Braun Series 7 like mine, so edited it in. Question moved to Braun Category. ..
10/27/2022 5:04:46 AM • Braun Health &... • Answered on Oct 27, 2022

Braun S5 broken oscillating pin

Take it to a local Braun Repair Centre. You need both pins as they move the blade left and right over the foil. ..
10/12/2022 5:09:32 PM • Braun Health &... • Answered on Oct 12, 2022



The trimmer is replaceable and can be purchased as an assembly. You will need a T-6 and T-8 torx drivers to take apart the head end of the shaver. Using these tools, remove the swiveling head, the hold down cover over the motor assembly, and then pop off the drive arm for the trimmer. Now the old trimmer assembly can be slid out of the end of the shaver by carefully prying between the case where the on/off button is located and the black trimmer assembly base with a small flat blade jeweler's screwdriver. The new trimmer assembly can then be slid into the case and the shaver reassembled. Just be sure the ends of the retraction spring on the new trimmer assembly are installed over the little chrome retaining lugs for them or your trimmer will not fully retract.

Please get back to us if you have further query or else please accept the solution.

10/7/2022 12:13:07 AM • Braun Health &... • Answered on Oct 07, 2022
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