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Bosch Logixx 8 door seal rubbing why?

That will usually happen when the bearing is worn or the shaft has moved on the seal.
9/9/2023 7:39:48 PM • Bosch Washing... • Answered on Sep 09, 2023

Bosch WFK2401 Washing Machine will not power on. No lights.

The first thing you should try is checking the power supply cord and making sure it is securely plugged into the wall outlet. If it is and the washer still won't turn on, then you should check the house circuit breaker to make sure the outlet the washer is plugged into has not tripped. If the breaker is not tripped, then you may need to check the wiring harness between the power supply and the main board, as this may be the source of the problem. If the wiring harness looks to be undamaged, then you may need to replace the main board.
8/3/2023 5:28:43 PM • Bosch WFK 2401 • Answered on Aug 03, 2023

How to reset the code


F21 error in your Bosch washer relates to a motor or a control board fault. This can be reset and to reset it turn the appliance knob to the off or reset position (12 o'clock), turn the knob to the 6 o'clock and then press and hold the spin button, then while holding that button turn the knob to 7 o'clock position, continue holding spin button for 15 seconds and then turn the knob to off. After a minute turn it back on, if the error code is still there then it means that the motor or brushes in the motor should be replaced, though it is always better to replace the motor assembly completely. Hope this helps...please post back for further assistance.


7/31/2023 6:20:07 PM • Bosch Washing... • Answered on Jul 31, 2023

Bosch WAT28370GB/13 sump hose connection leaking

7/25/2023 6:36:36 PM • Bosch Washing... • Answered on Jul 25, 2023

My bosch exclusive maxx 120

Normally this is sign of a clogged water pump or sump? easy fix, No spin, or lite spin try these: bare in mind that many times there is no spin it can be due to a clogged water pump so check it for debris and or broken propeller. Other items to check Using a multi meter check for continuity the door switch, which when bad may not allow agitation or spin. Bare in mind the lid switch assembly can fail either mechanically or electrically. Check the clutch, motor coupler, brake assembly, transmission, and mode shifter or actuator. one way to check for slipping is to get under the machine after a spin cycle ( this is if u get a lil spin but not much leaving clothes still wet) mix in a spray bottle a lil water and some dish detergent, then spray it on the clutch assembly ( the metal round pc. Connected to the tranny) if it sizzles and steams up then u know its bad and slipping. Another way to check clutch if u get no spin at all? Is to take it out and use ur hand to try and turn the inner spring assembly pushing it around the inside? If its very easy, it BAD should be hard to push by hand. Or try the hand test: If no hammering sound has ever been heard out of this machine, one of the unofficial tests we professional appliantologists will do in the field is called the Hand Test. WARNING: This test is not sanctioned by Whirlpool Corporation; it involves bypassing safety equipment and then putting your hand on and near rotating machinery which could result in injury, dismemberment, disfigurement, disembowelment, mangling, hideous screaming, and a ****** *****. Proceed at your own risk! Have a nice day. - put the timer on a spin cycle and open the lid - grab the inner basket with maybe 30% to 40% of your hand strength with your left hand - turn on the machine and bypass the lid switch by depressing the lid switch with a key until the machine begins to spin - if the clutch is engaging properly, the basket should immediately begin to spin and slip through your hand - if it takes very little force to stop the tub from spinning, the clutch needs to be replaced. Next check the motor coupler which engages the tub and tranny to the motor. ( if its bad u usually get no wash or spin or very little of either) Next if belt driven check for a loose, worn or broken belt. And on some models there is no clutch but rather what is called a splutch. And a MODE shifter. These can go bad and effect the spin cycle. On some front load models u may need to check the STATOR assembly. The stator is essentially one half of a motor, it interacts with the tub by creating a strong electro-magnet. If the stator burns out the washer won't spin or agitate. Check the stator for continuity. This part is often misdiagnosed. Sometimes a no spin machine can be due to a plugged waterpump hose or obstructed water pump propeller. Check these by eye and hand. And in some models check with a meter for continuity and voltage. LID SWITCH TEST- next step is to  HYPERLINK "" remove the cabinet and jumper the lid switch harness (tan to gray). Put the unit in spin and watch the shiny metal clutch disc that is on top of the transmission where the shaft comes out. If the machine starts and runs in spin, check to see if the disc is spinning. If it is, then the problem is not in the gearcase- look for trouble in the "Motor Coupling for a Whirlpool direct drive washer" \t "_blank" the motor drive coupler or one of its retainers. This washer doesn't have a belt. Instead, the motor is directly coupled to the gearcase by a drive coupler; that's why it's called a direct drive washer. Washer will not drain: The drain water pump is the main part in your washing machine that pumps out the water. If this is defective or has failed in any way, this will be the reason why your washer will not drain the water. Before you order a new drain pump, make sure to check the pump to be sure a small object like clothing or similar has not lodged itself inside of it causing the NO DRAIN issue and even a no spin issue?. If the drain pump is not clogged, you can test it with a multimeter and remove and replace if needed. Read more:  HYPERLINK "" \l "ixzz3X2LbXMWJ" The washing machine drain hose is where the water flows through to get the water out. If this drain hose is blocked, kinked, bent, or clogged, the washer will NOT be able to remove the water from the tub. Check the drain hose to be sure it allows the water to flow freely. You can take the drain hose off and run water through it in your sink to be sure it is not blocked. If there is water STILL in the washer when you remove the drain hose, grab a bucket as the water will exit from where you disconnected it The water pump belt (to drain out the water) may have broke or become frayed or loose. If this belt breaks then it is unable to drain and remove the water from your washer. Inspect the belt to see if this is causing the NO DRAIN issue and remove and replace if needed. If the lid switch is not working as required it will cause your washer to not drain (and many other problems). This may be unlikely as a bad lid switch will usually cause your washer to also not agitate or spin. However on some models this can vary. The best thing to do if you have a suspected bad lid switch is to test it. It can fail electrically and or mechanically. If mechanical failure is the issue, you should be able to see if it is cracked, broken, or not in place to make contact with the lid. To test it electrically, use a multimeter set on Ohms and test it for continuity My advice is free cuz God is good! water pump hose washer clogged washer hose1-undefined-undefined-0_0.jpg water pump sump dirty-undefined-undefined-1_0.jpg clutch spring-undefined-undefined-2_10.jpg coupler-undefined-undefined-3_2.jpg belt broken beltwasher motor maytag amana-undefined-undefined-4_0.jpg
7/22/2023 8:16:26 PM • Bosch Washing... • Answered on Jul 22, 2023

Bosch Avantixx6 VarioPerfect problems

If your Bosch Avantixx6 VarioPerfect washing machine is beeping and the light is cycling through the spin cycles without any other noise or action, it could indicate a potential issue with the machine. Here are a few troubleshooting steps you can try:
  1. Check for error codes: Some Bosch washing machines display error codes on the control panel when a problem occurs. Look for any error codes or error messages that may be displayed. Refer to your washing machine's manual or the manufacturer's website to understand what the specific error code means and how to address it.
  2. Check the door/lid: Ensure that the door or lid of the washing machine is securely closed. If the door is not closed properly, the machine may not start or may display an error. Open the door and close it firmly, making sure it latches properly.
  3. Check water supply: Ensure that the water supply to the washing machine is turned on and there is an adequate water supply. If the machine doesn't detect sufficient water, it may not start or may display an error. Check the water inlet hoses and the water supply valves to ensure they are properly connected and not blocked or kinked.
  4. Power cycle the machine: Turn off the washing machine and unplug it from the power source. Wait for a few minutes, then plug it back in and turn it on. This power cycle may help reset any temporary glitches or errors in the machine.
  5. Contact customer support: If the issue persists and you are unable to identify the cause or resolve it on your own, it's recommended to contact Bosch customer support or a qualified appliance repair technician.
7/3/2023 10:26:40 AM • Bosch Washing... • Answered on Jul 03, 2023

Bosch WAE24463 replaced drain pump and doesn't finish programs,F 18 shows .Factory reset?

If you have replaced the drain pump in your Bosch WAE24463 washing machine and it still doesn't finish programs and shows the error code F18, you can try a factory reset to see if it resolves the issue. Here's how you can perform a factory reset on your Bosch washing machine:
  1. Ensure that the washing machine is turned off and unplugged from the power source.
  2. Press and hold the "Start/Pause" button.
  3. While holding the "Start/Pause" button, turn the washing machine's program selector knob to the "Off" position.
  4. Continue holding the "Start/Pause" button for about 5 seconds.
  5. Release the "Start/Pause" button.
  6. Turn the program selector knob to the desired program and then press the "Start/Pause" button to start the reset process.
Please note that performing a factory reset will erase any custom settings or programs you have saved on your washing machine, so you may need to reconfigure them after the reset. If the factory reset doesn't resolve the issue and the F18 error code persists, it's recommended to consult the user manual or contact Bosch customer support for further assistance. They will be able to provide specific troubleshooting steps based on the model and error code you are encountering.
6/28/2023 4:57:24 AM • Bosch Washing... • Answered on Jun 28, 2023

How to reset interior lock on Bosch wsmc3200

To reset the interior lock on a Bosch WSMC3200 washing machine, you can follow these steps:
  1. Ensure the washing machine is turned off and unplugged from the power source for safety.
  2. Locate the interior lock on the washing machine. It is typically located on the door or lid of the machine and is responsible for locking it during operation.
  3. Look for any buttons or switches associated with the interior lock. The exact design and location may vary depending on the specific model of the Bosch WSMC3200 washing machine.
  4. Press and hold the reset button (if available) associated with the interior lock. Hold the button for a few seconds until you see or hear a confirmation that the lock has been reset.
  5. If there is no reset button, try pressing and holding the power button or another control button for a few seconds to initiate a reset sequence. Refer to the user manual of your specific model for guidance on the reset procedure.
  6. Once the reset is complete, release the button and plug the washing machine back into the power source.
  7. Turn on the washing machine and test the interior lock by opening and closing the door or lid. It should now function properly.
6/28/2023 2:56:20 AM • Bosch Washing... • Answered on Jun 28, 2023

Where can I get Bosch 10.8 v batteries refurbished?

You could do the refurbishment yourself?

Bosch 10.8V NiCad Rechargeable Battery Rebuild Kit > Shop Each 10.8V NiCad Rechargeable Battery Repair Kit includes the following: 4 pairs and 1 single high-drain, premium quality batteries; 2 pieces of non-conductive ... US$29.99
4/4/2023 4:26:18 PM • Bosch Washing... • Answered on Apr 04, 2023

Bosch 500 series washer E:27 error code?

turn dial to off. hold down both delayed start and spin select buttons and turn dial to the left one click, to the cold position. keep holding button until you here a click. let go of buttons and turn dial to off. Every thing should go back to normal. Just fixed mine and all is good.
3/12/2023 2:26:37 AM • Bosch WFVC5400UC... • Answered on Mar 12, 2023

I need to remove display on the newer Bosch HGR6767 toggle button type can't see screws under or side from front

On the newer Bosch HGR6767 ovens, the toggle buttons are usually held in place by clips or tabs rather than screws. To remove the display, you will need to carefully pry the toggle buttons off the control panel to access the screws underneath. Here are the steps to remove the display on a Bosch HGR6767 oven:
  1. Turn off the power to the oven by switching off the circuit breaker or unplugging the oven.
  2. Locate the toggle buttons on the control panel. They are usually located above or below the display.
  3. Use a small flathead screwdriver or a similar tool to carefully pry off the toggle buttons from the control panel. Start from one end and work your way to the other end.
  4. Once all the toggle buttons are removed, you should be able to see the screws that are holding the display in place. Remove the screws using a screwdriver.
  5. Gently lift the display panel away from the control panel, being careful not to damage any wires or connectors.
  6. You should now have access to the internal components of the oven. If you need to remove any other parts, refer to the user manual or seek the assistance of a qualified technician.
  7. To reassemble the oven, simply reverse the steps above, making sure to connect all wires and components securely.
3/9/2023 8:58:07 PM • Bosch Washing... • Answered on Mar 09, 2023

I have an bosch exxcel verio 7speed perfect washing that keeps showing the suds sign on every programm. ive cleen the pump, pipes and blownbut it keeps comimg up

The suds sign on your Bosch Exxcel Vario 7 Speed Perfect washing machine indicates that there is too much foam in the wash. This can be caused by using too much detergent or using the wrong type of detergent. Here are some steps you can take to try to resolve the issue:
  1. Reduce the amount of detergent: Check the detergent packaging for the recommended amount of detergent to use and reduce the amount if necessary. Overloading the machine with detergent can cause too much foam to be produced.
  2. Use the right detergent: Make sure you are using a detergent that is designed for use in front-loading washing machines. Using the wrong type of detergent can cause excess foaming.
  3. Run a rinse cycle: Run a rinse cycle without adding any detergent to help clear out any excess suds.
  4. Check the detergent dispenser: Make sure the detergent dispenser is clean and free from any residue or build-up that could cause excess suds.
If the problem persists, it is possible that there is a problem with the pressure switch or the control module of the machine. In this case, it is recommended to contact a qualified technician to diagnose and repair the issue.
3/9/2023 2:42:23 PM • Bosch Washing... • Answered on Mar 09, 2023

Error code E:21on a Bosch Axxis front loader washer

Error code E:21 on a Bosch Axxis front loader washer indicates a draining problem. Here are some steps you can take to troubleshoot the issue:
  1. Check the drain hose for clogs or kinks. Straighten out any kinks and remove any clogs.
  2. Check the drain pump for obstructions. The pump is located at the bottom of the machine. Clear any obstructions from the pump.
  3. Check the filter for debris. The filter is located behind the front panel of the machine. Clean out any debris from the filter.
  4. Check the drain pump for proper functioning. Test the pump by running a cycle with an empty drum. If the pump is not functioning properly, it may need to be replaced.
If these steps do not solve the issue, it may be necessary to contact a professional repair service for further assistance.
2/26/2023 10:37:28 AM • Bosch Washing... • Answered on Feb 26, 2023
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