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It's most likely, just a piece of plastic tubing. You can get it at the big box hardware stores or at a decent aquarium supply store. Just remove the covers and nip a small piece off to take along so you get the right size. When you install the new hose, dip the snd into some rubbing alcohol. This will lubricate it. The alcohol will evaporate in minutes so, it's harmless.

Bosch Evolution ... • Answered on Feb 15, 2021

b ad compressor or start up capacitors to it

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Request or order the service manual directly from Bosch.

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Try contacting Bosch directly to request the diagram.

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there is only one screw on the handles from what i found out from fixing my loose handle. the bottom of the door handle has one screw. once you loosen that one up then you lift it and it comes out at the top enough to slide the handle out and tighten it.

Bosch Evolution... • Answered on Dec 03, 2020

If the retaining screws aren't obvious they are either hidden behind trim inserts or (rather unlikely) they are inside the door, or lid if a chest freezer. Computers, robots and laser cutting tools have allowed manufacturers to realise ambitions to perfectly fitting trim pieces that can need a strong light and magnification to find the gap.

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Very common problem on that fridge and a easy fix: Replace the two big capacitors on the right side of the control PCB 1uF = 0,68uF 250V They lost their capacity causing bad uC supply and this strange LED blinking. Be aware that this blinking can be intermittent and the fridge appears to return to operation. But the uC suffer a lot of internal resets causing intermittent operation stops, low temperature and more not easy recognizable or strange mal functions. So, if You face that blinking normally the capacitors are gone. Some strange and intermittent behaviors of the fridge are also back routed to this PCB - Capacitor malfunction. So enjoy this 30min fix. The capacitors should not exceed US$2 in Your local electronic shop. If You don't want to spend the US$2 You can find the capacitors as a lucky guy in a old PC power supply. For other more complex problems be aware that the controller board has a very nice and helpful self test option. You go in this mode holding the temperature select button of the refrigerator (not the freezer button) then switch the fridge on and stay on holding the temp button for more 10s. The self test sequence starts in the moment when You release the temp button. LED 1: Checking sensors (Blinking=OK - Continues=NOK, something wrong) LED 2: The Flap opens and close two times (Alarm LED shows the open and close position, so the led must go ON and OFF two times in accordance of the detected flap position from the internal reed contact. (So, no action on the Alarm LED no movement on the Flap or a defect Reed contact) LED 3: Fan goes ON and OFF LED 4: Drain Heater goes ON and OFF LED 5: De- Dicer Heater goes ON and OFF LED 6: Compressor goes ON and OFF LED 7: End of test sequence - Initializing procedure of normal operation. Every step takes 30s and the whole sequence take tree and a half minute. Be aware that the alarm LED is no malfunction indicator. It has only the indicator function for the sensors. The fridge goes in the normal operation mode when he passed the sequence. No further actions necessary. Be aware that every time when the fridge faced a total power lost he makes a short silent 30s check sequence. If he face a malfunction (Sensors or actuators) he doesn't start the compressor anyway to protect the fridge for further damage!!! So, this test sequence is a nice tool to check that the fridge is in the right conditions to start the working and even so to check the compressor function before maybe a unnecessary replacement . With a second build in test option you can select and activate devices in the fridge. For this You hold the fast freeze button and switch the fridge on. After 10s release the button and you are in a manual test mode. With the temperature button select the component - Push the Fast freeze button to activate or deactivate. For example: Select LED6 (Compressor) with the temperature button, push the fast freeze button for ON and OFF. But I ask You to be careful on this test mode to avoid further damages. For example a blocked motor that You should release better by hand than blow up by a tricky fingertip. Enjoy this fix and feel free for Crtl C + Crtl V. 05c7e509-b7d2-4cc4-9b13-ccc3ced06bf0.jpg

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Measure the continuity of the heating element. Make sure the timer motor isn't bound up with ice. Either of these components can cause the ice to not release

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if you pop the caps off the top and bottom you can readjust the door by loosening and retightening the screws after u set the door adjustment

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How do you adjust the temperature on this panel?

Bosch B22CS50SNS... • Answered on Feb 18, 2020

As the fridge is still new and presumably under warranty, if the remedy to the problem isn't to be found in the manual, your next call should be to inform the supplier of the problem and ask for a solution. Your contract is not with the manufacturer but with the retailer/supplier and in return for a parcel of money you have the right to expect a fridge that doesn't beep and does keep the contents cold and remains trouble-free for a reasonable time.

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Do you see a button called alarm/lock?

Press and HOLD that button for five seconds.If that does not work,Press and hold super and freezer buttons at the same time for five seconds.This would change the IWD off message.

Let me know,if needed further assistance.

Hope i helped you.

Thanks for using ' Fixya ' and have a nice day!!

Bosch B22CS80SNS... • Answered on Nov 17, 2019

This is most likely a blocked drain pipe - blocked with ice that is.

Remove all the drawers in the freezer - and stack them up.
With the unit switched off and unplugged, undo the fixings on the rear pannel in the freezer (behind the drawers)
Remove it to see the evaporator coils etc.
At the base there should be a channel - and a hole leading to the drain pipe. This needs unblocking wih a thin flexible cable. -net curtain support wire is ideal, and cheap. or use a short length of insulated cable.
Check it comes out at the rear of the unit onto the evaporator container - situated on top ofthe compressor.
Replace everything and switch on.

Bosch Classixx... • Answered on Aug 29, 2019

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