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Great information, but posted up there ^^^ instead of in the Answer Box. pictures up above.
  • Chrystal Hays Jul 20, 2017
  • I kind of have a fix for this. After struggling, I spent an hour online looking for advice, reading the manual (has nothing about spool being stuck inside the cap), and reading some interesting forums regarding the auto-feed and cord use, including this page. (After 2 days of use, the stuck spool did not have much cord left, maybe 24 inches, so that appears to be a valid concern.) YouTube does not have video on how to deal with this issue. I finally gave in to call the manufacturer, but, alas, this maker of lawn and garden equipment most used by people on weekends does not have live customer support on Sundays. During the time spent waiting for the customer support to support me, I tried: tapping it all around the edges,pulling REALLY HARD,soaking in warm water, in case sap had gotten in there and caused it to stick.The spool would twist, but not all the way in either direction, almost as if it were meant to be on there like that. I examined it, and found that the hollow orange spindle in the center of the cap, which fits inside the spool, has tiny TABS on it. They do not align with the spool to release the spool.One on either side, opposite from each other. I believe their purpose might be to prevent the spool from slipping all the way onto the cap and getting stuck. However, when the machine heats up in operation, it is enough that the spool can works its way OVER the tabs. And get stuck. They could try making them bigger, I guess? On Monday, I got through to a human in customer service. She had to put me on hold; they do get calls about this problem, although she had not heard it yet. Their solution was to ship me a new cap and a new spool. On Saturday, I got the unmarked box, containing just the cap, telling me the spool was back ordered. On Sunday , 7 days later, I filed the little tabs off of the new cap. Not that hard. the little file on metal nail clippers will do it. I then, while I was at it, decided to fix the OTHER major complaint with this model. The rocker arm that controls the automatic feeding of the cord is too loose and feeds away pretty much all the cord non-stop. So, I have super-glued the rocker-arm (black) it to the little bit that looks like capital letter "A"..see that the bottom there. Then I got more brutal with the stuck spool, reasoning that one was on the way, the grass was now almost to my waist in some places, and this stuck one was the only spool I was going to see for a while. If I broke the cap, I had a new one. Brutality and leverage with a screwdriver succeeded. There was about 24 inches of cord left. Rather than reload with more cord, I decided to see how long that lasted with the adjustment I had made. (The brand new spool had done the entire back yard and front side when grass was not deep.) All the things fit together. Today, I was able to do the front side yard, and 1/2 of the back yard, with heavy grass and weeds almost up to my waist, and today, ran out of the old cord. So, the rocker-arm fix WORKS, and I recommend that. Further, I was able to remove the cap, and the spool came off of the filed spindle and DID NOT stuck. So the filing fix WORKS. Photos: 1. Soaking 18 hours, 2 Little tabs, 3. Stuck spool in the cap, 4 New cap with rocker arm super-glued into place. 5. Guest dogs wondering why I stopped working at that exact point (I was tired). I added all this to an Amazon review, and have come back to add it HERE, and will add this to my helpful Notes on Facebook ----because I don't want anyone as annoyed as I was. will be trying to find other places I looked, as well. I hope this helps you out. For the record, I'm an English Major, love physics, and despite a career doing different things when I was younger, now do in-home dog boarding and training in Dallas. Going to try to add some pictures for you, one of rocker arm glued in place, and the other pointing out the tiny tabs that were holding the spool in place. May the manufacturer figure it out. I'd better get that new spool, too!
  • Anonymous May 14, 2021 THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yours is the only fix I've found for when the spool is so stuck that it won't come out. Glad to know that it worked with brute force - that give me courage to go ahead and try to force it out of the stuck position.

Black & Decker... • Answered on May 16, 2021

I have a black & Decker Electric Edge Hog, does not turn on anymore. Is there a fuse or power reset switch?

Black & Decker... • Answered on May 03, 2021

This unit has 3 separate 12v SLA batteries, yes(?).

Remove or disconnect the batteries and try charging each battery separately with a 12v automobile battery charger.

I suspect one or more of the batteries has not taken a sufficient charge and is "fooling" the charger that came with the mower.

Once you have separately charged all three batteries, reinstall and try.

Black & Decker... • Answered on Oct 04, 2020

These are the steps to open the clamshell/motor housing for the Black and Decker 18V Cordless Trimmer Model NST2018. The orange clamshell has two plastic clips that engage two recesses inside the black plastic ring. You use two screwdrivers to disengage the clips and seperate the black plastic ring from the orange clamshell. Follow these steps: Wrap tube assembly in a small towel and mount in a large bench vice securely. You will notice two small openings at the top of the black plastic ring at the top of the orange clamshell. The next steps require two people. Person one inserts a flat-bladed screwdriver into into each of the small openings at the top of the black plastic ring (two screwdrivers). Using the tube assembly for leverage, pry the black plastic ring from the orange clamshell with enough force to disengage the orange plastic clips from the black plastic ring. Person two pulls the orange clamshell/motor housing away from the black plastic ring/tube assembly along a straight line (same axis as the tube assembly). After you've separated the motor/clamshell housing from the black plastic ring, remove the six screws and open the clamshells.

Black & Decker... • Answered on Sep 13, 2020

Replacement Cordless Drill Battery for Bosch ART 26
  • Type: Ni-MH
  • Volt: 14.4V
  • Capacity: 3000mAh
  • Color: Grey
  • Weight: 960g
  • Dimension: 106.50x86.00x111.50mm

    Black & Decker... • Answered on Jul 17, 2020

    When checking for a spark you must make sure the spark plug is well earthed against the cylinder, and give the starter a good pull, if there is no spark try a new clean plug ( make sure the ignition switch is on ) if all this fails then unfortunately you may well need to fit a new ignition coil, this will be situated under the covers against the flywheel.

    Black & Decker... • Answered on Feb 01, 2020

    Switch may be shot. If it was stored in a damp spot that could do it.

    Black & Decker... • Answered on Jan 20, 2020

    The first thing to try is the Black & Decker website. Second use Bing, duckduckgo, Google, Etc

    Black & Decker... • Answered on Oct 16, 2019

    Searched and searched for this, finally found someone's description on an amazon review of the replacement battery. Reprinted below. Worked for me!1. First use compressed air to blow out the six screw holes that secure the cover to the chassis. If, like me, you don't have a compressor, just tip the mower over so gravity will allow the dead grass and chaff that fills up the screw wells over time to fall out as you dislodge the stuff with a screw driver or a stick.2. After the debris is removed, use a T20 Torx driver to loosen the screws. There is a slot in the cover screws that allow the use of a blade screwdriver, but you'll need the T20 driver to remove the battery anyway. The screws need not be removed from the screw wells in the cover, but they have to disengage from the chassis.3. The cover should easily lift away from the chassis once the screws are loose. Expect to find a lot of grass clippings and cobwebs on the motor housing and the rest of the chassis that could benefit from some cleaning while you've got the cover off.4. As mentioned before, a T20 driver will be required to remove the two screws securing the battery bracket. No slots in these screws. Make note of the positive and negative terminals of the old battery so you can make the same connections to the new one.5. My replacement battery was smaller (not as tall) as the original. I made a shim out of some old cardboard to allow the bracket to be sufficiently tight. Without the shim, the bracket screws were too long. A piece of 1x wood might work as well, but I liked the give in the cardboard to get a snug fit with the bracket.6. Replace the cover, tighten the screws, and you should be good to go.

    Black & Decker... • Answered on Aug 25, 2019

    • there is a safety on it that has to be pushed down before you pull the trigger to start it. if that safety has a problem or is not fully depressed it will cause the weed eater not to start

    Black & Decker... • Answered on Jun 15, 2019

    1. Push the mower down to its lowest mowing position.2. Turn it up on its right side, so the left side is in the air.3. The existing flap is held in place with a glob of glue at the left (now top) end. Remove the glue by whatever means you like. I "chiseled" at it with taps from a flap-blade screwdriver and hammer.4. Now you can slide the remnants of the old flap out and slide the new one in. You'll have to bend it slightly even with the mower in its lowest position to get it past the wheel, but it shouldn't be close to breaking.5. Replace the glob of glue with whatever you have handy that plays well with plastic and rubber. By coincidence I already had DAP Alex Ultra 230 Black loaded in my caulk gun - worked fine.

    Black & Decker... • Answered on May 11, 2019

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