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I have this app called Android Photos to iPhone Transfer App that can transfer photos and videos to any Windows or Apple computer and to any Android or Apple device. They both need the app for it to work, but the app costs money.

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Check that the base for the cordless phone system has power. If you have power then the problem may be with your telephone wiring in the house or outside. My standard checks start with checking if the jack is working by plugging in an old wired telephone. If there is a dial tone, then there is a problem with the cordless phone base. If there was no dial tone, then I check for dial tone at another jack for the telephone line with the wired phone. If there is a dial tone, then check the wiring for the first jack. There could be loose wires inside the box. The face plate will have either screw terminals or a keystone jack. You will need to strip the wires and secure them for the first type of jack. To secure the wires for the other type of jack, you do not strip the wires. Instead you will need a punch-down tool available at most hardware stores in the electrical section. Note: if there is a DSL filter inside, you may need to replace that. If you recently had a telephone service upgrade, a wire might not have been connected to the service box. Check behind your siding. (We had one phone extension out of four that wasn't connected after a service upgrade.)

If there is no dial tone, then I check the service box. If you have RJ-11 jacks in the service box, then plug in the test phone and check for a dial tone. If there is no dial tone or you can't test the line, contact your telephone company. They should test and fix outside problems for free. (Some companies may try to get you to upgrade to a non-copper line service instead.) Outside problems can be caused by mice or other animals chewing on the wires or a contractor who cut a cable while digging. Similarly a DSL filter in the service box could be damaged. If you have fiber-optic service, then the problem could be with the modem that translates the signal for the POTS line. If you have isolated the problem to an inside wiring problem that isn't at the jack, your telephone company can send a technician to fix a problem in the wall for a fee.

I hope these ideas help.

Cindy Wells
(I've contacted my telephone provider about the mice breaking an underground cable a few times. When my household's fiber-optic modem flaked out, we had intermittent loss of dial tone and internet service. Due to the sporadic nature of the outages, it took a while to realize that we needed to call for the unit to be serviced.)

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clear all the memory from base unit
follow the below steps
1. Access your base unit.
2. Put your flip phone in the cradle.
3. Press down and hold down (AT ALL TIMES) the end (find hs) button.
4. Whilst holding down this button, take the power plug out of the wall.
5. Whilst still holding down the end (find hs) button, plug the power back in.
6. When you hear a beep from the base unit system.
7. Let go of the end (find hs) button.
8. Your phone memory should be cleared now and you are ready to repeat the process of registering your base and additional handsets.

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Il n'est pas s?r que le souci est d? aux piles mais vous devriez enqu?ter davantage pour conna?tre le fin mot du probl?me.

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Press and hold the middle joystick for 3 secs, same to lock keys

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1 litre = 100 centilitres.

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check all other phone extensions are off / not on talk or off hook .
Phone line will lock out if a phone is left off the hook .
Find phone off hook and hang it up

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You would have to install motion detector which would notify you. Intercom works only when someone press the talk button

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Is it a Pabx does it have a make and model number.
Suspect maybe those two phones are on do not disturb mode.
I know this sounds like a bad idea to ask but could the phones be plugged into the lan ethernet sockets instead of the pabx socket points ?
It sometimes happens not sure in your situation ?
might need to add the two phones to a ring group ?

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Example of translation between English and Spanish.

Ejemplo de trasducir entre Ingles y Espanol.

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When pregnant, you should limit your caffeine intake. Tea has really low amounts of caffeine, so a cup every so often probably wouldn't be a problem.

Coffee however contains a lot of caffeine so it would probably be best to avoid it most of the time.

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try scrolling through the menu (keep watching the am to start flashing) then you can change it

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Please understand that you are talking on a public forum to regular people who offer advice, not to the company that made your thing.
FixYa does not have onsite technicians (and even if they did, we'd have to know what city and country you are in, right?)

Contact the seller or manufacturer of your item directly for service or for the names of authorized dealers.

How to Blog


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Can you please reword your question with more detail about the problem, and include the make and model of your device.

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You have a vTech phone and it has an emergency pendant?

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I which to reset my tecno T5 pls help me

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Generally, you can visit a jeweler and get as many as you want. However for answering this question, I assume that you are asking about setting the number of rings that an incoming phone call is allowed, before it switches to voicemail. it will depend on the voicemail setting options of your phone provider, or if you are using a hardware message system, the particular make and model of phone or answering system.

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