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Hi, I bought a Bialetti mini express maker in Italy, but it does not seem to be working. The lights are on and the water pump makes a loud noise, but no water comes out. Can you please help? Thanks!

Did you two buy the machine in europe and travelled back to the USA? If so, the machine can't be used there. You will need a 230V power plug in the house before it can do anything. Otherwise you have to buy a power converter from 115 to 230 V. Hope this helps
2/23/2019 9:42:35 AM • Bialetti Coffee... • Answered on Feb 23, 2019

My espresso maker, a Bialetti, has its top very stuck to its base

i had the same issue. i ran the base under very hot water from the tap for one minute. This forces the metal to expand and loosen, making unscrewing the base much easier.
9/24/2018 1:27:03 AM • Bialetti Moka... • Answered on Sep 24, 2018

I just bought the Bialetti Moka Sound 6 cups for 1

First I'm not a Bialetti tech. But I have worked on may brands of professional espresso machines. * When you mentioned this stove top model 'sounds off' I just had to check it out. The you tube videos are going nuts over this 'cute' brewer. Especially the Italian tubers. * I found a link for you to change the battery. It's more obvious on the white cap model. So I'm guessing you have the black knob style (or they changed it to make it more visible.) Cute music but notice all the vids have the steaming louder than the music. Aloha, ukeboy57 (link below) Changing batteries:
2/13/2018 12:08:45 AM • Bialetti Moka... • Answered on Feb 13, 2018

Howdy, I have a six-cup Mocha

Stove top coffee espresso brewers; have three compartments, the lower is a sealed water tank that once heated will push boiling hot water and steam through the coffee grounds and over flow into the 3d chamber at the top of the pot. It is finished once all the water has boiled out of the lower chamber. * Naturally when you boil water in a sealed chamber it's going to pressurize to the point where something will give. In this case it's the coffee grounds. But what if the grounds plugs up the filter and pressurizes it beyond what the chamber can safely contain? This is where the safety valve will sense the over pressure and release the excess steam. You will see and hear a loud hiss and steam exiting from the side where this valve is. * The safety valve is not adjustable. Pre-mature blow out (of steam) can be caused by too fine a grind on the coffee, Turkish grind is finer than espresso. This tiny grind will clog all the filter holes. Use the standard espresso grind which is 1 size up from Turkish grind. * The safety valve may blow if too high a heat is applied to the pot. Turn down the stove to a lower setting to give the hot water and steam time to flow through the coffee. If you observe the coffee as it oozes out of the center post. It should be a steady flow (like lava) with a gush of steam near the end of the brew when the top pot is full. * The safety valve can get clogged which needs to be cleaned and checked PRIOR to filling and using. * when in doubt. change out the safety valve. You could check with your vendor or MFR for replacements. Also check for the part. Aloha, ukeboy57 PS; There a numerous videos on how to clean and maintain these pots. (I do NOT recommend Descaling). Here is one that looks safe:
2/12/2018 10:40:35 PM • Bialetti Moka... • Answered on Feb 12, 2018

Dark grey stains (that appear un-removable) on the inside surface of coffee container

Try wiping the inside with damened paper towel and baking soda paste. Check towel to see if any removed. Rinse out with water. If it works, repeat if desired.
2/6/2018 6:58:23 PM • Bialetti Coffee... • Answered on Feb 06, 2018

The pressure valve on my

I have the same problem. I cleaned all the parts, changed the pressure valve, cleaned the gasket, filters, everything. I hear the steam escaping from the overflow valve and if at that point I manually pull the valve up, then it does (barely) pop and steam the milk, but not as well as it used to.
9/4/2017 12:02:51 PM • Bialetti Mukka... • Answered on Sep 04, 2017
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