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Dont know how to download movies to a classic

okay.. do you mean sync movies to the iPod classic? if thats what you mean, then boot up iTunes, and plug in your iPod.

then click on your iPods name, and it will bring up a menu.

click on the movies tab, and make sure the sync movies box is checked... then select the all movies option.

now click apply. it should now be syncing the movies you downloaded to your iPod
8/1/2022 2:16:14 AM • Apple iPod... • Answered on Aug 01, 2022

Apple 80gb iPod freezing/computer wont recognise iPod

Try it on another computer and if it happens its the ipod. Or try restalling itunes with the lates version (7.7.1)
If that doesnt work try using a different program for your ipod eg Jriver media center
7/31/2022 9:24:33 AM • Apple iPod... • Answered on Jul 31, 2022

Reset your apple id password

You can try TunesKit iPhone Unlocker to reset your Apple ID password on your iPod touch. Here's a step-by-step tutorial: Step 1. Connect your iPod to your computer unlock-apple-id-g3rqnvb3tmxwrjvzbvi0duwg-d-0.png First, get your iOS device connected to a computer. Then launch TunesKit iPhone Unlocker, and select the Unlock Apple ID option. Step 2. Setting Confirmation before Deleting Apple ID confirm-device-status-g3rqnvb3tmxwrjvzbvi0duwg-d-1.png If you have Find My iPhone enabled on your iOS device, you will need to confirm that a passcode is set and turn on two-factor authentication on your device. If the Find My iPhone feature is disabled on your device, you can skip directly to the next step and tap the "Start" button to unlock your Apple ID quickly without losing data. Step 3. Remove Apple ID unlocking-apple-id-g3rqnvb3tmxwrjvzbvi0duwg-d-5.png Once confirmed, TunesKit iPhone Unlocker will start downloading the matching firmware and then remove the Apple ID from your iPod touch. Hope it helps!
7/29/2022 7:04:39 AM • Apple iPod touch • Answered on Jul 29, 2022

Download problem of Movies in 30GB Ipod

Not, sir. There are thousands of people (you can be one too) who register and answer like experts.
Okay, the famous Apple iTunes is the thing you're looking for. You can create an Apple Account in the software and access the iTunes Store, which has more than 7 million songs and thousands of movies ready for download. 
Each song costs about a dollar and the movies are upto 10 dollars each. There are iPod Apps and Games available too.
7/15/2022 2:57:51 AM • Apple iPod... • Answered on Jul 15, 2022

How to download music files from my pc to my ipod

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6/1/2022 2:52:30 AM • Apple iPod nano... • Answered on Jun 01, 2022

Downloading help with movies

No credit card no download no gimicks and no survey
this is a new web site i found resently, you can learn how to search and download on-
line movie to your iPod or mp4 player or something like that.
good luck!
5/17/2022 2:11:53 AM • Apple iPod touch • Answered on May 17, 2022

Apple ipod nano 3rd genaration

you need to use itunes which is available freely from the apple website see Hope this helps
5/12/2022 2:48:34 AM • Apple iPod nano • Answered on May 12, 2022

I wanna know how to

if your free stuff is in your music folder all you have to do is
1. open itunes
2. go to file
3. go to add music file or add folder
4. find your music folder and click on it and it will automatically import it. All you need to do afetr that is sync yor itouch to itunes.
4/29/2022 2:42:31 AM • Apple iPod touch • Answered on Apr 29, 2022

How do i download on my ipod touch

download the latest version of itunes . after the installation of itunes connect your ipod touch using the usb dongle that comes with it. itunes will try to sync on your ipod touch. now click on itunes store then login using your existing account. if you still dont have an account you need to create one first.

once logged in on itunes store you can now select any apps that you want to download on your ipod touch (free/non free)

on your ipod touch you can also click on the app store icon and download. just make sure you that you are connected to the internet.

hope this helps . . .

4/2/2022 7:12:07 AM • Apple iPod touch... • Answered on Apr 02, 2022

No illiberality ! Show ur opinion of DRM in IPod here

DRM-Removal software itself is legal, but using it to remove DRM is illegal - pretty weird, eh? Personally I hate DRM, and there is a trend to get rid of it, but I would expect it will take the better part of 2009 or beyond to accomplish it. I was heartened today to learn that iTunes will be shedding their DRM system in the upcoming months. DRM software did not protect the music industry, made the paid subscription services unattractive compared to Limewire, and frustrated a lot of mp3 player users. I will be happy when it is gone.

-Tha Mp3 Doctor
3/21/2022 4:05:26 AM • Apple iPod touch • Answered on Mar 21, 2022

Cant watch dvd movie on ipod touch

I think you should change another DVD Ripper. Maybe you can try to use Leawo DVD to iPod Video Converter.

Leawo Free DVD to iPod Converter is a totally DVD to iPod converter free software, while Leawo DVD to iPod Converter Pro is an extremely powerful DVD iPod Converter that can convert DVD to iPod MP4 without limitations for iPod Touch, iPod Touch 4, etc.
3/15/2022 4:02:04 AM • Apple iPod touch • Answered on Mar 15, 2022

Help ineed account for my Ipod please help

Step 1:an itunes account ? b> An iPod is a portable media player that lets users listen to music wherever they are. Before you can listen to songs on the iPod, you must first put music onto the device. If you have been using different MP3 players in the past, adding music to an iPod can be slightly confusing. The reason for this is that iPods are not compatible with Windows Media Player, Real Player or Winamp. By using iTunes, however, you can add music to any iPod. • Open iTunes. • 2 Add music to iTunes. To do this, click "File." Choose "Add Folder to Library." Then, find the folder on your computer that holds the music you wish to put onto the iPod. Highlight that folder and click "OK." The music will be put into the iTunes Library. • • 3 Plug the iPod into the computer. After a few seconds, you will see the iPod listed under "Devices" on the left-hand side of iTunes. • 4 Click "Music" under the "Library" option on the left-hand side of iTunes. All of the music files in the iTunes Library will then be shown in the middle of iTunes. • 5 Double-click the album that contains the music you want to put onto the iPod. The songs on that album will then be listed. • 6 Highlight the song you want to add to the iPod. • 7 Drag that file over to the name of your iPod located under "Devices" (as mentioned in Step 3). The song will then be placed onto the iPod. Do this for all of the music you want to put onto the iPod. • 8 Click the "All Albums" button at the top of iTunes to get back to the list of albums on the iTunes Library. • 9 Repeat Steps 5-7 until you are done putting music on the iPod. • 10 Disconnect the player when you are done.
2/11/2022 4:25:48 AM • Apple iPod Audio... • Answered on Feb 11, 2022

My ipod is zoomed in and wont zoom out

To zoom out, use three of your fingers to double-tap the screen simultaneously. That's the only way. Do the same thing to zoom in.

For more iPod touch & iPhone tips, click here.
2/9/2022 9:04:00 AM • Apple iPod touch • Answered on Feb 09, 2022

Adding files from IPod Nano GB to work computer

IPod isn't compatible with Windows Media player. You have to use ITunes to manage your music files. Ipods use mp3, mp4, a protected form of mp4 unique to apple, and aac format. aac format isn't recognized by windows media player.
1/21/2022 2:48:46 AM • Apple iPod nano • Answered on Jan 21, 2022


First I would suggest you make sure the iPod is connected correctly, and that you wait until the iPod has finished updating.
If you are sure of that, you can always restore the iPod to it's original settings.
(I would also suggest that you are using the most updated version of iTunes)
But before you restore your iPod, there are a few steps you can take to try and fix this problem.
If you can’t download a song or other item to iPod nano 
The song might have been encoded in a format that iPod nano doesn’t support. The 
following audio file formats are supported by iPod nano. These include formats for 
audiobooks and podcasting: 
 AAC (M4A, M4B, M4P) (up to 320 Kbps) 
 Apple Lossless (a high-quality compressed format) 
 MP3 (up to 320 Kbps) 
 MP3 Variable Bit Rate (VBR) 

The most common is to reset the iPod. To do this:
  •  toggle the Hold switch on and off ( Set it to hold then turn it off again) 
  • Then press and hold the Center and Menu buttons for at least 6 seconds untill the Apple logo appears.
If this does not work I would consider restoring. This means you will loose all your music,pictures, videos..ect. But from it sounds, you don't have anything on your iPod to loose.
update or restore iPod nano with the latest software: 
1 Go to and download the latest iPod Update. The update 
has the latest software for all models of iPod. 

2 Double-click the software installation file and follow the onscreen instructions to install 
the iPod update. 

3 Connect iPod nano to your computer and open iTunes. The iPod Updater application 
If you’re using a Windows PC and the iPod Updater application doesn’t open 
automatically, you can find the updater by choosing Start > All Programs > iPod. 

4 Follow the onscreen instructions to update or restore iPod software. 
If you use the iPod Updater application and it doesn’t recognize that iPod nano is 
connected to your computer, reset iPod nano (see page 45). 
If you want to restore iPod software and you don’t have an Internet connection, you 
can use the iPod Updater application that was installed on your computer when you 
installed the software from the iPod CD. 
1/6/2022 3:34:23 AM • Apple iPod nano • Answered on Jan 06, 2022

Make a new playlist?

To create an M3U playlist On your PC, create a new empty .txt document using word pad, type nothing but save the file as a .txt. go in to my computer -->> explore and find the file and rename the .txt document so it has an m3u file extension (example: my_list.m3u). Open the m3u file with wordpad, notepad, or a text editor. In the first line at top of the page type #EXTM3U. After the first line, start listing your music files, copy and paste the song names , (with extension ie .mp3). One music file name each line. Exit the text editor and save the m3u file once you are finished. Drag and drop the M3U playlist to the player's MUSIC folder, your done.
12/21/2021 3:44:02 AM • Apple iPod nano... • Answered on Dec 21, 2021

Down load music

Download or rip music onto your computer using iTunes , then hook up your shuffle to the computer using your USB cord and use iTunes to sync music onto the MP3 player.
11/16/2021 3:11:56 AM • Apple iPod... • Answered on Nov 16, 2021

I have droid phone. Says

1. Press and Hold the Power button for 2 Seconds. A menu pops up. On that list, you will see "Airplane Mode" (under which should state "Airplane mode is ON").
2. Now tap "Airplane Mode" to switch it Off. If you press the power button again after a few seconds, it should now say "Airplane Mode is OFF". This is how you want to leave it. Done.
11/16/2021 1:47:24 AM • Apple iPod touch • Answered on Nov 16, 2021

How to download music from my pc to my ipot

You should install iTunes from
Then plug in the MP3 player, and once iTunes finds the device, add music to it from the library you already have, or by purchasing music from the Itunes Music Store.
10/22/2021 3:34:07 AM • Apple iPod nano • Answered on Oct 22, 2021

My ipod touch will not sync my music from itunes

Hey! There are some other iPod Transfer tools which can transfer music between iPod and PC, iPod and iTunes freely. I am now using this Wondershare iPod Transfer which is very easy-to-use. Now I can transfer music between iPod and PC, iPod and iTunes easily. You can have a free try of it.
Hope that will be of help to you.
9/28/2021 4:02:23 AM • Apple iPod... • Answered on Sep 28, 2021
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