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How to fix 13 pin cable for GK-2A.... i have 13 pin cable for GK-2A and i try to cut in a half then i soldered again, there is a signal when i play the Gr-30 when i tune my guitar but the problem is ...


highest 13 keys on top and on bottom boards do not function I have a Wurlitzer Omni 3000 Keyboard computer (organ) and the top 13 keys on top and bottom boards don't work, but everything else does. ...


Question about K Custom Dark Hi Hat K0942 13" Bottom Hi Hats Cymbals

1 Answer

i have a bottom 13" k custom hat and want to see if it can go with a paiste 13" rude sound edge bottom As long as they're both 13", you shouldn't have a problem putting them together. As for the sound

Question about Powerstroke X Coated 13" Snare Batter Drumhead with Dot

1 Answer

when first started runs ok when the trk worms upits like the fuel is shut offright before that happens its like a pinging noise Try posting this under Motors. It has been accidentally posted under ...

Question about 1604 Vlz3 16 Channel Mixer

2 Answers

some of my channels have stopped working 4-5-6-13-14-15-16 mackie 1604 vlz pro If you havent ground looped the chanels. Most of the time the chanels need to be cleaned.

Question about XENYX 2442FX Mixer

1 Answer

Noisy headphone amp in ub2442fx Download schematic here: Scroll down to the small "Get Manual" link and click on it. The headphone ...

Question about Green Zenith Cobra Cartridge Needle 990-s1

1 Answer

low sound an hum from turntable with cobra tone arm 1955 wurlitzer but when another source is plugged in to aux in works fine. What could be causing this? Changed all the caps in this unit. Hi, I ...

Question about Spirit Epm 6 6 Mono + 2 Stereo Audio Console Rw5734

1 Answer

is it hard to fix the turntable of a 1974 zenith stero console ? Many of these are driven by either a rubber belt or rubber "pucks" that deteriorate. Replace the parts and it will repair the problem. ...

what are those four knobs on schecter diamond 5 custom? only three controls on that model...

Question about Stiletto Deluxe-5 Bass

0 Answer

...Zenith was characterized as a student level instrument. At 13 5/8" wide, this is a very small guitar for an archtop. It has a carved spruce top and ... Epiphone Zenith Bass - Natural - Long & ...

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