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Question about 2000 Excursion

1 Answer

intermitent wipers not working properly there is a recall on this problem. Google ford excursion recalls and you will find it. I had the same issue. took it to ford they fixed it.


Question about 2005 Excursion

1 Answer

Windshield washer not working I have a 2005 Excurison Limited 4x4 6.8L V10. The last time I drove the truck the windshield washer worked fine. While driving in very cold weather Thursday night/Friday ...


Question about 2002 Excursion

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diagram of fuse panel under dashboard 2003 Excusion, V10, 2wd, Eddie Bauer I had a hardtimefinding this informaton, hope it helps. fuses Fuse link cartridge 2A Grey Grey ? ? ? 3A Violet Violet ? ? ? ...

...windshield wiper assembly ford excursion How do I remove the windshield wiper assembly on a ford excursion from the shaft that moves the wiper back and forth? Wiper Pivot Arm Removal and Installation ...

Where do you add the fluid for the rear washer Fill the same reservoir as your front wipers.

My 2001 ford excursion keeps blowing fuses to the windshield wipers the moment I go to turn them on, any idea on what to check or replace to get rid of the short, or where it might be? When i turn the

windshield wiper spins all the way around and doesn't work it worked only a few times then I went through a carwash and i saw it spun all the way around. It stopped after that. I am not sure where

how to access linkage rod on wipers ford explorer can see that rod is completly off. I don't know how to get better access to it. remove the wiper arms first of all by pulling back the locking

Question about 2005 Excursion 4x4

1 Answer

where do I identify the wiper relay? most often in the fuse box. The owners manual will have a fuse/relay layout diagram in there. Most times they are labelled in the fuse box.

2005 Ford Excursion 6.0L PSD - front wipers & washer pump don't work. Rear is good. Replaced wiper motor. Fuses are good. No other electrical issues. This wiper system is controlled through the BCM ...

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