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Question about 2005 Impala

4 Answers

...windshield wiper was frozen to the windshield. I forgot to shut them off when I went to work. When I came out and was brushing off the snow I realized that they were not off. Then the driver side ...


Question about 2003 Impala

2 Answers

...Windshield wiper arms are about to loose shaft teeth. Each arm is holded by a 1/2 " nut. Loose it and take them out. Check for damages, usually on the windshield wiper arms, the shaft is designed to ...


Question about 2002 Impala

1 Answer

...windshield wiper stopped my right windshield wiper does not move when i turn the wipers on the left one does check bolt at bottom of wiper arm under plastic cover,tighten it,usually its only that,if ...

windshield. I tried readjusting the wiper arms but nothing helps. Does the motor have to be reset so they go back to the proper location when turned off? check to make sure the wipers are at its right

the windshield wiper parks full up. everything the windshield wiper parks full up. everything else works fine . remover wipers an set them down on a spline

Question about 2003 Impala

1 Answer

where is the wiper fuse on impala Junction Block-Left I/P Left side of the instrument panel , behind an access panel. WSW 25A Windshield Wiper System Module, and Windshield Wiper/Washer Switch

wiper blades won't go all the way down to the bottom of the windshield when my windshield wipers are turned on, on my 1998 Pontiac Grand Am 3.1L could be mechanical obstruction in the wiper linkage or

...windshield wiper/washer problems? Here are some more common problems. Motor: The wiper motor is commonly replaced and was often not the problem. Don't replace the motor yet. maybe it's not the motor. ...

...Windshield wiper/washer switch ?€¢ Body control module (BCM) ?€¢ Wiper PCB relay ?€¢ Wiper high PCB relay ?€¢ Windshield wiper motor ?€¢ Windshield washer fluid pump ?€¢ Windshield washer fluid level ...

Question about 2008 Impala

2 Answers

and info How to fix wiper transmission motor assembly 2008 Chevy HHR 2008 Chevy Impala Windshield Wiper Transmission Linkages TRANSMISSION Windshield Wiper Transmission WIPER SYSTEM WINDSHIELD 94 37..

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