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Question about 2006 Colorado

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...starting since yesterday and today it just wont start. there is a clicking noise and thats it. the windshield wipers work so i dont think its the battery. is it the starter? How do headlight shine? ...


Question about 2007 Colorado (Extended Cab) New Cars

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My windshield wipers do not work. Do you think it could be a fuse issue? Yes / normally there is not a problem with wipers / other possiblility is a wire disconnected (to the wiper motor itself


Question about 2004 Colorado

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where is the 02 sensor on 04 colorado Problem with sluggish engine performance since the "check engine" light came on a couple days ago. Where is the O2 sensor located on the 04 colorado. Also haveing

Drivers side power window, windshield wipers, auto doorlocks not working. All quit at the same time, and no fuses look blown. Check the relays.

My wipers started sticking and I would have to turn the knob to get them to move. now they dont move at all. I'll give you a list of possibilities: Relay, wiper motor, wiper switch.

my 2005 chevy colorado wipers quit working and keeps blowing fuses to the brake lights check for bare wires associated with the wipers..u might have a simple short out problem

Question about 2005 Colorado

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...windshield wiper problems, you need to thoroughly investigate problems with any of its operating parts. Here are some of the things that you need to check to determine why are your car windshield ...

...seem to be there water is like air it goes through the tinniest hole. it could be coming from your windshield seal. if it is the pass footwell area it could be your heater core. I hope it is not the ...

my wipers just quit working, fuses ok....any thoughts? Dead wiper motor. Or very bad wire connection. Or possibly bad relay after fuse, and before wiper motor. You can test motor by a direct jumper ...

2005 chevy colorado wipers won't work. I plugged an accessory in aux 2. both quit at same time. fuse seems to be okay This diagram is part of wiper circuit. Couldn't get everything in one picture. ...

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