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Question about Cyber-shot DSC-S600 Digital Camera

8 Answers

...Radio Shack) and squirted the lens cover (with the camer off and the lense retracted). So far that has been enough so that the camera is funtioning fine again. If the same issue arises again (and it ...


Question about Sportster 4 SP4-TK1 Satellite Radio Receiver with Car Kit

6 Answers

it's cradle at an angle and fiddle around with that angle I can get a clear signal. I need to put a wedge underneath the right side of the unit between it and the cradle to hold it's position. I think


...wedge it to one side. But then only the right speaker works. Also, while I am adjusting the input plug, sound alternates between the left speaker and subwoofer, but not both at the same time. I tried ...

Question about MicroMedia Computer Speakers

1 Answer is a snap, but locate a reliable "panel removal tool" first (basically a wedge-shaped stout thingie. There are 8 clips, 4 on the top and bottom and you may lose some in the dash so be careful. ...

Question about Technology E. Howard Ambassador Radio Controlled watch

1 Answer

...working on my lawn mower I must have bumped the crystal on something. It chipped a flake off the inside at about 2 o'clock. The chipped is wedged where the hands join and the chip stopped the ... a motor and a gear system in the helicopter itself. The gear is broken or the motor is wedged in by the gear. or simply burnt out, You will need to open it to unwedge the gear and if it ...

i have a 1988 flhtp harley davidson police special.the neck lockigintion switch does not lock the neck anymore.the pin drops but doesnt line up with the hole no matter how i turn the handle bars it cl

My 99 grand cherokee lorado when i put it in 4x4 .if i turn left or right it clicks like a bad cv joint then i go back to 2 wheel it clicks for like a min or 2 if i turn then it stops and sounds fine ...

...Radio 33 7.5 Brown Front and rear sidelights (left) 34 7.5 Brown Interior lighting & clock 35 7.5 Brown Front and rear sidelights (right) 36 30 Light green Air bag 37 30 Light green Heated blower ...

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