Questions & Answers for: Hyundai Elantra wedge radio stopped working


RADIO SPEAKERS STOPPED WORKING??,FUSE FOR RADIO IS FINE?? First check to see if the radio is coming on. Does the light work and can you change stations. If it appears that the radio is working ...


driver's side door; at the top of the door; gently outward; place a rubber or, wood spacer (eraser, wedge etc) between the door frame and, the glass: you only need one inch space; use the rod to press


Radio, door locks and clock stopped working I recently changed the batery in our 2002 Hyundai Elantra. After completing the reconnect and starting the car, the radio, door locks and clock no longer ...

radio has not been working and then last night the headlights stopped working. I just replaced one of the bulbs so I know it's not that. Something electrical? did you get your headlight switch checked

Question about Motor 2003 Elantra

1 Answer is a snap, but locate a reliable "panel removal tool" first (basically a wedge-shaped stout thingie. There are 8 clips, 4 on the top and bottom and you may lose some in the dash so be careful. ...

My radio just stopped working on my 2009 elantra. None of the auxiliary stuff works either (mp3 hook-up, cd, etc.). How much is it going to cost to fix this? check your fuse for radio or auxilary

Question about 2001 Elantra

3 Answers stopped working at the same time? That sounds like a fuse or fusible link. You should have a fuse box in the passenger compartment as well as under the hood. Look for a fuse labeled IGN ...

Question about 2011 Elantra Limited

1 Answer

2012 chrysler 300 liite speakers wont work both front door speakers stopped working connections to the radio defective or the radio itself!

I have a Hyundai elantra 1997 model and its leaking water at the wedge plug at the block what can I do to fix it Use stop leak or better, replace it.

I have a Hyundai elantra 1997 model and its leaking water at the wedge plug what can I do to fix it There is only one way . Remove it and replace it with a new one. after you get it out check if it is

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