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odyssey rear window washer fluid not spraying where is reservior My rear window window washer not spraying tried to find resevior in manual no mention. Wiper works checked fuses all seem ok The ...


Question about 2005 Odyssey

1 Answer

no fluid spray 2005 Honda odyssey Back sprays fine. I can hear the pump run but do not get any spray. I cannot see any leaks. I can blow air back through from hose and get bubbles in resevoir check ...


Our windshield washers on the front and back of our 2004 Honda Odyssey don't spray. How can we fix them? It is very cold here, could some of the lines be frozen, even though we have only used the ...

Question about 1996 Odyssey

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fuses for windscreen squirter/washer i have a 1996 honda odyssey, & the front window squirter/washer has stopped working.i thought it may have been fuses but i dont understand the japanese on the ...

Question about 2002 Odyssey

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What fuse and where should I check on my 2004 Honda crv my front washer pump is not working but my back washer is? way past those days for Honda Now a "computer" supplies power to the washer pump need

The front washer motor on our 2003 van will not pump it was pumping fine and then quit I do not know where the fuse is for it? THanks JackMartin fuse #11(10AMP) located by diver feet fuse box. If fuse

Question about 2006 Odyssey

1 Answer

suspect window washer fluid is frozen,so how do I fix it? Wait for it to melt. Try driving around seeing if the heat in the engine bay would melt it, drain it all out by continuously using the washers

Question about 2003 Odyssey

1 Answer

How do I replace the windshield washer low fluid sensor. The low windshield washer fluid light is on and will not go off even though the washer fluid tank is full. That sensor can be replaced. It's ...

2002 Honda Odyssey van, the windshield washer doesn't squirt fluid or wipe the wipers, though the windshield wipers work separately . . . . how to fix? Sounds like you may need to change the washer ...

...washer - have changed two pumps at the front of car A likely source of the problem is a plugged line or nozzle. Nozzle is easiest problem to fix. Disconnect hose is you have access and see if water ...

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