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Question about 2004 TrailBlazer

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2004 washer pump getting no power, fuses good,relay good, pump good. plugged up washer nozzles


I have a 2002 Trailblazer with windshield washer problem. The washer motor works, but no fluid is coming out. The problem first started with one of the nozzles spraying poorly. Now they don't work at ...


...washer fluid not coming out. Pump sounds like working and water comes out the bottom of the rear door. how can I fix? check the rubber hose to the jet (spray nozzle) to see that it's not torn. then ...

washer fluid is not working. Sometimes the nozzles get plugged up. To see if it is, remove the hose and see if when you activate the washers it fluid comes out. If it comes out with good flow then the

...washer fluid wont come out but it does make it's why to the back of the car just wont come out the nozzle I had a similar problem on a nozzle that was on my car this winter. I removed the nozzle and ...

washer wiper nozzle removal replacement the nozzles just snap in from the top.... you first pop the cover at the pivot point of the wiper arm to access the nut. remove said nut. remove the wiper arms

...washer fluid tubing on the driver side. i notice it leaking from under the over where the nozzle is and might be ripped. i found two at autozone one is 5/32 and the other 7/32. i dont know if any of ...

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