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Question about 1994 850

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...VOLVO 850 green triangle next to the service button is a green triangle with a sorta reverse red check mark - does anyone know what this means that indicator is for the lambda sensor, that reverse ...


orange square with green triangle in it! volvo s40 1997 cuts out wen light cums on an its losin power an cutting out altogether! its aye over heating! volvo s40 with key error, how do I remedy?


orange rectangle with green triangle inside inside the triangle an inverted y shape a inverted y is the greek symbol for lambda.which means your car is telling you that you have a faulty lambda ...

...S60 the yellow triangel comes on with the message anti skid service required. The manual says STC/DSTC system fault. The car wont start any ideas what does the yellow triangle means for volvo

volvo c30 How do I reset the maintenance remider message. 1. turn ignition to I 2. depress and hold trip button 3. turn ignition to II(while still holding trip button) 4. in about 5-7 seconds warning ... s80, a light on the dashboard has a photo of a car that is leaning inside of a triangle,what does that light mean The "leaning triangle" light is the light signifying there is a fault with the ...

volvo s60 the light triangle with car skidding? inside of it? I don't have a service manual non came with the car. its the stability traction control (STC) light to turn it off push the button

triangle light on 1998 s70 volvo 1998 S70 Volvo, non turbo, 5 cylinder. Car stalls at stoping and sputters when I drive. Green and yellow triangle on the dash has come up, reads emmision leak in ...

...triangle what is the problem and is it safe to drive Volvo Forum • 93 850 GLT Dash warning lights - Matthews Volvo Site Apr 6, 2008 - 11 ...

The green triangle warning light has come on my dash on my volvo 850 t5 it now misses and stalls volvo 850 You can look for a solution to your problem over here.

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