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Question about 1980 Eldorado

1 Answer

...the day the power steering goes out. If you have too much play in the steering, look for wear in the suspension. should be able to turn the wheel with barly any effort. good luck, ...


Question about 1997 Seville

1 Answer

...variable power steering assist control, this is controlled through a processor or computer module, the control system uses sensors and a hydraulic valve to control this, your local dealer has the ...


Question about 2002 Sts

2 Answers

...effort when turning the steering wheel. Replacement racks for variable-assist power steering applications are available with or without an EVO control solenoid. As long as the original EVO control ...

...variable effort steering system???? Hello, The (service ps mesage) usually accurs w/ the power steering presure switch failes or wire chaffs against the rear manafold heat shield. the ps presure ...

...explained in a similar thread. Your cruise and power steering should be affected as well since the car has variable assist PS. If it can't identify it's speed...the PS assist will not worl

there are places in the US which gaurantee it as well. Send the old module and you get it back real quick. If the module is dead, you lose speedo, TC/ABS, cruise and the variable power steering assist

He then replaced the wafers (tumblers) in there fairly quick. If the key is stuck it may take some more effort but getting the cylinder itself out should be easy. No need to remove the steering wheel

...onto the exposed rods), or bad power steering fluid. Older Cadillacs are prone to this type of damage. Another possible cause is a failure of the variable effort steering actuator (part of the

...steering pump with electric variable orifice is not working is there a bypass system i could use? Hi there, sorry to say I do not think so. If the power steering system is specialised, designed for ...

...steering pump with electric variable orifice i can find the pump but does not come with evo cylanoid need help locating it I looked at acdelco parts catalog, it showed power steering pump with evo ...

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