Questions & Answers for: Mitsubishi Galant vapor lock fuel injection


Question about 1990 Galant

1 Answer

...than 5 PSI overnight, if it does you need a new fuel pump. Your car doesn't use a cold start valve, that was used on very early Bosch K-Jetronic fuel injection systems, they where last used in the ...


Question about 2000 Galant

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...fuel vapor leak or lack of purge flow in the EVAP control system. It means a large leak has been detected. The (EVAP) emission control system prevents the escape of fuel vapors from a vehicle's fuel ...


...turn over but is not firing. How can I find out what the problem is? Base on today's heat's most likely to be vapor lock Open gas cap to equalize pressure or bad fuel filter / fuel ...

...ignition module or main ignition relay may be over heating, EFI (electronic fuel injection), vapor lock. It could be your fuel pump over heating or there is a problem with the distributor. Good ...

...fuel injection systems. They are not compatible with the injection system and could fail, causing personal injury or damage to the vehicle. Use only hoses and clamps specifically designed for fuel ... 120,000 miles. Should I have my fuel pump replaced at the same time No, Fuel pump is somthing that is a fix when broken kinda thing. I would however suggest a fuel filter and fuel injection ...

...cap. remove cap, turn on key, then turn off. press the valve to release the fuel pressure. do this a few time and it will bleed your system off excess air. sounds like you have a vapor

Question about 2004 Galant 2.4

1 Answer

...fuel injected motor your water temperature sensor is what tells the engine computer if the temperature is cold enough to require the engine to run in phase lock loop or what would be the choke on a ...

removing and installing things in line. Check that you have sufficient fuel pressure at the carb or fuel injection system. The system requires to be pressurized so that the injectors operate correctly

start not getting any spark or fuel what can you suggest. would like . ... The fuel return line fitting at the fuel pump may be restricted, causing excessive fuel pressure in the fuel injection system

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