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Question about 1999 Vitara

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I had a car with bum electric radiator fans. It worked fine if it was moving a lot. But in slow traffic, it would get warm enough to have a vapor lock or something without setting the engine-hot light


...vapor lock. You will need to make sure the system is full of proper mix of coolant and then fill overflow tank. If you are suspecting a leak, put a piece of cardboard under the engine area after ...

Ad let it run with the cap open with you looking into the cap to be sure is circulating and not vapor locked (air pocket) hope this ...

...lock on it & have checked it several times & it's not loose?) When they hooked their machine to it, it said EVAC leak (large) and they checked the hoses & said they were fine. Any ideas ...

...will run like a dream for few days then just.... What else can I do? crank/cam sensor It might be vapor locked. Next time it does it loosen gas cap.If you hear it sucking air in and it starts up ...

My 07 aveo shuts down in hot weather even when ac is not on ,and water temp is normal. Almos like vapor lock. Any advice ? Hi Greg, Check the fuel pump pressure and the fuel filter. Regads John

Question about 2002 Vitara

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...vitara vapor lock Not really possible. True vapor lock only happens on vehicles with carburetors. The gasoline would vaporize from excessive heat before reaching the carb. What are your symptoms

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