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...fuel pump because of problem with Jeep starting and then dieing. At first Jeep acted like it was vapor locking. Let Auto cool and started and ran no problem. Two weeks later Jeep seemed to be


Question about 2000 Grand Cherokee

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...Vapor lock generally is associated with mechanical pumps that put out 5-8lbs of pressure...the electric pump in your car puts out over 40 when needed and unless you're running in the desert, it's ...


vapor lock Ride with full tank of gas but NO TOP OFF. Crack open gas cap carefully during rest stops to release / equalize gas tank pressure' Good

...vapor lock, this is where the fuel lines are too clost to the exhaust manifolds, thus causeing the fuel to vaporize before it reaches the cylinders, you may have lost the cover for the exhaust ...

Question about 2002 Liberty

1 Answer

My 1993 jeep wrangler have vapor lock...the jeep will not start.How is this fixed and how much should it cost? undo the fuel filler cap and see what happens

Question about 1990 Wagoneer Limited

1 Answer

vapor lock 1990 jeep wagoneer More details needed?

Question about 1991 Cherokee Briarwood

1 Answer

it ran fine till they messed with it they also put a differant gas cap on said it didnt pass emitions with the original one on Might have vapor lock get original cap back might need a vented cap

Question about 2002 Grand Cherokee

1 Answer

...Vapor Lock but is NOT. EFI never does that, for many reasons. High pressure system. Pump in rear. runs in a loop and will not build any air there or gasses. my guess you mean? What engine option , ...

Question about 1995 Wrangler

1 Answer

shuts off when while driving 4.0 Overheated fuel pump or u have vapor-lock issues

vapor lock does anyone have any suggestions on how to fix it? Vapor lock is something for carberated cars. Modern fuel injected cars have fuel pump in the tank and the whole fuel system is pressurized

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