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Question about 1983 Pickup

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identifying the model type im trying to locate the model number of a 1987 z24 nissan pick up the engine number isz24777755 and im very much in need of the model type. is there anyone who could direct ...


need to know what type of motor oil and transmission oil to use? 94 NISSAN TRUCK 4X4 V6 5 SPEED 10W30 please ! unless u live in Alaska then you would need 5 w 15 .


where can i get worksop manuel off 1993 nissan 3000l v6 D/C bakkie LOOK ON CHILTON REPAIR MANUAL WEB SITE THEY CARRY ALL TYPES OF MANUALS.

Question about 1994 Pickup

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...ground, with a cooled transmission, put down some cardboard and have a rag handy. Get the bolt-type, or allen wrench-type plug out of the side of the tranmission. This is where you check or add ...

Question about 1997 Pickup

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what type of engine oil What type of engine oil should be used. THE BEST ALL AROUND WEIGHT IS 10W30W, I PREFER VALVOLINE

I bought a 1991 Nissan Hardbody Pickup V-6 4x4 with no manual. What kind of engine oil should I use? hi you will need type API/ACEA SG/A2-96 viscosity 20w50 hope this helps

How much fluid does the manual transmission take on a 96 nissan pick up? Also what type of oil does it take? with a manual transmission you fill till it comes out the plug on the side I would guess ...

...Bulb there are 2 screws in the front plate. unscrew them pull the lens out, you wil likely have type AorB: push the light in and turn counterclockwise(left) unless its D clipped in or C remove

Question about 1995 Pickup

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...A lot of times, you run into a problem like yours. There is not enough clearance to use a strap type oil filter wrench to remove the filter. There are, however, two other types of filter wrenches ...

...solder and then repeat the procedure for the remaining three brushes. Installation is in the reverse order of removal. When installing the brush holder, make sure that the brushes line up ...

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