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Question about 2003 Suburban 1500

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...job and apply to much heat the window heater grid will be ruined and then u are stuck, so if u do have a good solder pensil and the correct type of acid free solder u may be able to fix it


solder in. One bulb others have used: Radio Shack: P/N 272-1092C Do not cut the extra wire off unitl your done soldering. If you haven't soldered before, radio shack has pen type and everything needed


type of rosin solder that should not be used with electronics. Check out Radio Shack for a good rosin core solder for electronic. Don't just use what you may have lying around. Also make sure you have

...solder and then repeat the procedure for the remaining three brushes. Installation is in the reverse order of removal. When installing the brush holder, make sure that the brushes line up ... turns the fan on and off wile cooking. stays on for up2 5 minuets after the cooker has finished cooking. if it is the type solderd to the board you will need to un solder it and solder on a new ...

...168s or 194s will work-Denny The bulbs in that dash cluster are solder-in type bulbs. Not an easy job to replace them unless you are skilled in soldering small parts. Check for

get the chips for them and program the codes onto them. should be clip in type chips. if its soldered type as there are 2 types of ecu boards with same part number. you will need to un solder the chip

...up & covered & hard to see or find They will be soldered in & may not be easy to find, in the auto parts store May have to solder in a fuse holder & use a new type fusible plug in ...

...type but keyless remote not work. I buy1 by internet,I take to diller but guy told me not know who sales new remote, the keyless remote control not work,i buy one on internet but not work,I ...

...solder. Depands on the plug type you may find one that just scres the wires on. is it 3.5 mm stereo socket ? is it 3.5 mm mono socket ? There are other types of plug types ...

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