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Question about VS-6041 60" Rear Projection Television

1 Answer connected to it that has no picture, or do you have no picture at all on any inputs? If you are able to watch a dvd on say AV1 or input 1 but have no picture on the other input that has the direct ...


Question about VS-45603 45" Rear Projection Television

1 Answer back on and no picture, there was sound but that's it, we also have Direct TV when used tv remote to try and fix we got Picture in picture in small box help thank you make sure the tv is in the ...


Question about WS-55859 55" Rear Projection Television

2 Answers

TV and it seems its green picture tube is weak in result. Qualified tv tech can increase green picture tube gain, if picture tube has worth for, to maintain colors in this TV. Since its an old TV so I

Question about WD-52525 52" Rear Projection HDTV

1 Answer

TV Model WD52525) for about 30-45 minutes sound and picture is gone and have a blue screen for about 25 seconds then the lamp light indicator starts blinkin green then tv shuts off - - -- - restart tv

Question about WT-42413 42" Rear Projection HDTV-Ready Television

1 Answer

...ICS and some or all it resistors are dead.These parts,must be replaced on the tv convergence board to solved the tv picture convergence problems.The shop,will cost u $300-350 for parts and

...ICS and some or all of it resistors too.To fixed the tv convergence board problems to solved the tv picture convergence picture problems.The shop,will cost like $300-350 for parts and picture screen panel are 90% important to the tv and it is limited in production by the tv corporations,no where u can buy tv picture screen panel except the tvs corporations themselves.By ...

Question about WD-73827 73" HDTV DLP TV

1 Answer that has three basic colors picture tubes to generate color picture that projected on front screen of tv. DLP tv has light engine to generate picture, it is similar to multimedia projector that ...

Question about WS-55819 55" Rear Projection Television

1 Answer

TV the picture is messed up sometimes it shows a double picture.If I turn it on then off and back on again the picture is fine.Whats wrong? My second problem is that when I turn on my DVD player it is

Question about WT-42315 42" TV

1 Answer

...and some or all of it resistors too.These parts on the tv convergence board must have be replaced to solved the tv convergence picture problems.The shop will cost u like $300-350 for parts and

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