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Question about 1999 Passat

5 Answers

...oil seal inside turbo.need new turbo or rebuild OEM. with 24 years experience working with vw never seen single headhasket go bad on 1.8 turbo smoke its 100% turbo every time blue smoke ...


Question about 1991 Montero

1 Answer

...through completely(replace seals & bearings) or replace the turbo. If the oil switch is leaking you will need to clean around the switch and verify if the fitting is leaking or the switch is


Question about 2003 330

1 Answer and loads of oil now coming into exhaust new turbo checked and was told it was ok breather pipe checked and clear can u help it is a e46 320 td 2003 turbo oil seals will cause a lot of smoking

...roodepoort to durban and also no smoke or oil leaks. Did the garage take my money or what can be the problem. sounds like the turbo oil seal is leaking, this would account for not seeing any

Question about 2003 S40

1 Answer

...oil. I think the seals are bad in the turbo. any suggestions? Thank you! hi there, there are chemicals on the market that will soften up the seals but these take time to work i would suggest changing ...

Question about 1996 911 Turbo 3.6

1 Answer

...turbo 1995 oil leak oil coming from intercooler dripping onto turbo then onto exhaust,smoke then rising from under the wheel arch...turbo seals or breather pipe problem or this a turbo ...

Question about 2005 PT Cruiser

1 Answer

turbo.oil is getting into intake manifold.smoke is coming out of exhaust.installed new turbo.still doing the same thing It is getting into your exhaust manifold-the return line is either restricted or

Question about 2007 Quantum 2.7

1 Answer

turbo oil leak into engine if the turbo is leaking oil into the engine then you have an internal engine problem. the turbo works off of the engines exhaust , therefore if oil is getting back into the ...

...exhaust leak, sounded like something slipped or broke and noise got 10 x louder than before.then i noticed its leaking alot of oil to.what could this be? Is there a turbo charger on it could be ...

turbo/oil, same problem, oil coming out of exhaust. Still chattern This could be oil that built up in the exhaust system when you still had the damaged worn out turbo on the engine. Turbo fins rubbing

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