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Question about 1993 Cherokee Country

1 Answer

...trouble code 55 is on the 1993 jeep cherokee country 4.0 l code 55 is the "end" code showing that the diagnostics have been completed. If you had no other codes, then there is nothing stored as a ...


what does code 55 means for a dodge intrepid 1996 check engine light diagnose. CODE 55 IS DRB DISPLAY WILL BE BLANK.COMPLETION OF TROUBLE CODES DISPLAY BY MALFUNCTION INDICATOR CHECK ENGINE LIGHT.


getting codes 12 43 42 42 55 96 caravan 3.3liter getting codes 12 43 42 42 55 55 is the ending of every code so that isnt a trouble code either

trouble code 55, and how do you reset pcm Trouble code 55 really isn't a trouble code at all. It indicates the END of the trouble codes. If that is all you are getting, then there are no codes stored.

...trouble code by doing that, in worst case just replace the battery not a big dealCode 55 means "no Trouble codes found" code 55 means that thats the end of self testing codes, there is no mode code. ...

Question about 1995 Eclipse

1 Answer

...O2 sensor, and code 55 is telling you there are no more trouble codes stored in memory.Code 21 means the O2 sensor is not switching from rich to lean, which can be a faulty sensor or a fuel

Question about 1993 Dynasty

1 Answer

trouble codes 12 then 55 Well those are codes, but not trouble codes. Code 12 is the start and also means there are no codes since the battery was disconnected, and 55 is the end of the test.

Question about 1993 Grand Cherokee

1 Answer

trouble code 55 When activated obd code will be listed by number and after all codes have been displayed code 55 will be displayed letting you know there are no more codes,

...50 starts. The code 55 indicates the end of stored codes. Therefore, you have no saved trouble codes (disconnecting the battery deletes saved trouble codes). There is no DTC (P)1255 for that

Question about 1996 Intrepid

1 Answer

...but on many pre-OBDII models (before 1995), the code 55 (or five blinks, five blinks) meant NO trouble codes. It was a method to let you know your request was received, but it had nothing to

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