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94 Plymouth Sundance.. engine light and sluggish from dead stop! Help Hi, I have a 94 Sundance and the engine light comes on after driving for awhile, then when i start it up again, sometimes it comes


Question about 1988 Sundance

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have codes coming up on my 88 plymouth sundance where can I find what they are? what are the codes Do you know the codes or are you asking for help pulling the codes? If you know the codes, go here to


plymouth sundance 1994 steering column trouble put new steering put new steering column in the plymouth and it wont everything put back together.dont know if electric problems from wrong ...

...if check engine light flashes. For example: flash,flash,pause, then 2 more flashes is code 22. 3 flashes, pause then 3 more, is code 33 etc... Code 55 is end of message. Get back to us if you get

i need all the engine diagnostic codes for a 94 plymouth sundance 11 Timing belt skipped 1 tooth or more from initial learned value, Intermittent loss of either camshaft or crankshaft position sensor,

The trouble code that you gave is not a code. If it 35 its the radiator fan relay circuit. The 55 it means end of fault reading mode. Recheck code. Going to local autozone they will check it for free

Question about 1994 Sundance

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obd1 codes i need the obd1 codes for my sundance free are ...

what code 44 on a plymouth sundance 1991 what code 44 or 12 mean on plymouth sundance 1991 Generally speaking, code 12 means the battery has been disconnected at some point in time.Code 44 means the ...

how do u reset codes on a 1991 plymouth sundance can codes be reset then try them to a shop ?? Disconnect the battery for a couple minutesIf you have problems, don't clear,a shop willneed the data

Question about 1991 Sundance

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trouble shoot check engine light? car seems fine. engine replaced 2008 Many auto parts stores will do scans for free to display what the check engine light is on for.

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