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Question about Mitsubishi Eclipse

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...code 55 is usually an "all clear" code, meaning that the ECU is done reading out the codes that are stored). If you got only a 55, it would mean you have no codes. 1255 means that 12 is the only code ...


Question about 1997 Eclipse

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self diagnostic test codes I did a self diagnostic test using my check engine light on my 1997 mitsubishi eclipse 2.0L non turbo and it codes 12 and 55. I cant find that in my manual. Does anyone know


...trouble code mitsu eclipse 1995 check engine light came on was able to clear all the comp codes but have problem understanding this 1400 manufacturer specific powertrain trouble code. Anyone have any ...

...trouble code po135 on a mitsubishi eclipse, we have trouble code 135 on a mitsubishi ecipse and we need a code list or what that code means. Oxygen sensor. try this link & scroll down until you find ...

Question about 1998 Eclipse

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trouble code is intermittent. Check wire harnesses and connectors for damage or poor connection. If low-reverse pressure switch does not turn on, replace solenoid and pressure switch assembly. Recheck

...trouble code scan is needed to identify any system trouble. Use a simple scanner tool to retrieve trouble codes and see if they relate to the specific problem, like a crank angle sensor failure code. ...

Question about 1995 Eclipse

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...for: Code 12 Air flow sensor fault Code 31 Knock sensor fault Code 43 EGR fault Code 55 AV valve position sensor These may make more sense with that year model. ...

Question about 1999 Eclipse

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obd code 401 DTC's (trouble codes) are 4 digits long. I am taking it that you mean P0401.Here is a link to a page that explains the code and the possible fixes:

...trouble code by doing that, in worst case just replace the battery not a big dealCode 55 means "no Trouble codes found" code 55 means that thats the end of self testing codes, there is no mode code. ...

...what might it cost me to get it fixed either myself or let someone else fix it i have a 2000 eclipse and got a trouble shooting code p0340 for a camshaft position sensor. but my car dont have

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