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Question about 1993 Villager

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TROUBLE CODE RETRIEVAL Key OFF. Jump Pin 4 of the data link connector to ground. Key ON. Observe the anti-lock brake warning indicator. NOTE: The first code to flash will be the start code (12). Also,


Question about 1997 Villager

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!997 Mercury Villager DTC P0135 Diagnostic trouble code P0135 "Heater Circuit" Bank One Sensor one is in the PCM. Changed up and downstream Oxygen Sensors, and still have DTC P0135 bad cat converter?


...I would take it back to the tech that serviced the van possibly something was left loose. clear the trouble codes in the obd2 using a od2 scantool. or unhook battery cables for about 5 minutes. ...

Question about 1998 Villager

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...the wiring to the first injector, then the resistance of the coil of the injector. If both are OK then the ECU has failed, replace it. here is a diagnostic trouble code table, and hope it can help ...

...Check for the obvious first, fuses, connections to the instrument panel, and trouble codes.  Auto Zone and other stores offer computer code reading for free if you don't have the

...trouble code scans code PO135. Why the new sensor is causing the check engine light to come on. check the fuses if the fuse blew the heated side of the sensor will not work and still kick the code ...

...mean by 'jumps time' like engine timing? As in cam sensor? Crank position sensor? Do you have any trouble codes? If so what are

...trouble codes, to see if a code points to lighting control module. Some of the national brand auto stores will check codes for free, if there are any. What light's ? headlamps , inside lights ? If ...

...but I am still pulling code 55 on a 95 villager can't figure out what going on need help The Code shows Bank 1 Sensor 3 for the O2 system. That the wire going to that part is broken or

cruise control lights up on dash but does not engage Check for applicable trouble codes, relating to cruise, see if that points us in the right direction? Make sure the brake lites, work. Other than ...

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