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...trouble codes reported p0171 p0174 p0302 P0302 is cyl #2 misfire and the other 2 are lean or rich codes because of the misfire repair code P0302 first and the other 2 codes will most likley clear up. ...


...trouble code I had an intake leak one of the clamps on the snorkle was loose between the air filter and the throttle body.the service engine light is still on after I fixed the intake leak.I bought a ...


...I was thinking to start around the rear brake sensor. the system has self test capabilities and can store a trouble code, have it tested the code will tell u what sensor circuit the fault exists

ROUGH IDLE,CUTS OFF WHEN SHIFT TO REVERSE should read trouble code 634 on a diagnostic. The problem is the manual lever position sensor, located on the side of the transmition at the linkage.

Why does my 2001 Ford Expedition Sputters When I Accelerate? YOU NEED TO HAVE THE DEALER TEST THE SYSTEM FOR TROUBLE CODES, U HAVE A FAILED ENGINE CYLINDER, MOST LIKEY AN IGNTION PROBLEM. the alternator or you need a new computer. Plug the car into a computer reader and look for trouble

...Location. Of this po141 on Nissan quest 2001 Hi chrisbrazys, Diagnostic Trouble Code Table ,can tell you the meanning of P0136, P0141, P0171, P0401,hope can help you . This could possibly fix the ...

Question about 2001 Econoline

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trouble codes p0171, p1131, and p0136 p0171 = system too lean bank one. p0136 is a bad Ox sensor bank 1 sensor 2. You have at least one bad Ox sensor.

Question about 2001 Econoline

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what is the trouble code 55? Code 55 =No or low (under 7 5 V) Key Power to PCM pin 5 Open connection in key power cuirut or electorical chargeing voltage at battery to low

...what your issue is,unless yourhaving trouble getting a code reader or scannerto see any system dataI would double check all your wiring,especially the groundsyou may have removed during your head ...

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