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Question about 2004 Odyssey

2 Answers

torque wrench. When using a preset-type torque wrench, be sure to tighten slowly and not to overtighten. If a bolt makes any noise while you are torquing it, loosen the bolt, and retighten it from the


Question about 2004 Odyssey

1 Answer

...torque wrench. I need to put 19 ft.- lbs. torque on my spark plug, I have a in-lbs. torque wrench. I've converted the 19 ft-lbs to be 228 in.-lbs. My torque wrench has 160 and 280, and the dial that ...


torque wrench extension bar, which fits onto the square drive of the torque wrench. the other end of the extension bar is a male square

Question about 2005 Falcon

1 Answer

...torque wrench when fitting new plugs to my Mazda 2002 bravo 2wd? If so how much torque is needed No it is not critical, you can use torque wrench to fit spark plugs. Different spark plugs require ...

Question about 2006 Chevrolet Malibu MAXX LT

1 Answer

...Torque wrench/torque not readilly applied.When putting the calipers back on the 2 attaching bolts,usually allen wrench type need only be snugged up tight as you can get them use a wrench for a little ...

...torque wrench and an angle dial wrench. Tightening is in 3 stages. Stage 1: Tighten up to 60Nm (44 lb/ft) then fully loosen Stage 2: Tighten up to 20Nm (15lb/ft) change to angle dial wrench Stage 3: ...

Question about 1998 Xsara 1.6

1 Answer

...torque wrench only gos to 130 nm,what am I doing wrong You have the wrong size Torque Wrench. IF you Torque Wrench measures nm, and it max'd out @ 130, you need a larger Torque Wrench. Convert nm to ...

...torque wrench, can the engine perform well? What did you tighten without a torque wrench? There are hundreds of fasteners on an engine. If it needs a torque wrench and one was not used, then it is ...

...torque wrench to 89.24 nm if my specs in my book says 66 to 68 lbf? plse help i need to torque the head but dont have a clue how to adjust the wrench to the specs given to me in my manual You need a ...

...torque wrench On a 3.4L grand am, my info says 89 inch lbs. You local auto store will sell torque wrenches, inch pounds or ft pounds. For small torque, I use inch pounds torque wrench. If you snug it ...

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