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My Chicago Alloy wheels have flat sots on two of them on the inside edge with no mark on the tyre can you tell me how this could of happened? your wheel alignment needs looking at i guess they are on ...


Can't get the steering wheel off of my 99 vw beetle the book is telling me there is a sping holding it but I can't seem to feel it in the wheel? any suggestions I need help on getting this thing out ...


Hi i bought a 2000 beetle and i wonder if anyone could tell me what size alloys come as standard on it. Its been fitted with 18 inch alloys and i think this is causing my speedometer to be incorrect. ...

replacing front wheel bearings on 2002 new bettle replacing front and rear wheel bearings on 2002 new bettle how to change rear wheel bearing on vw. beatel 2002 1.9

Question about 2006 New Beetle

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i will be driving and my wheel will lock up and my battery light will flash. this has happened to me about 3 times and they say they cant find anything wrong? Wheels lock up? or steering wheel hard to

Autozone can do this check for free with a scan tool. From this point an inspection of the magnetic pickup in relation to the tone wheel can be performed. If it is not repariable, it must be replaced

brake fluid coming out of rear wheel brake asembly Hi one of 2 faults either the brake pipe is corroded and leaking or the slave cylider on the caliper or drum is leaking. both are cheap and this will

My steering wheel is locked and I can't turn the key in the ignition. I have tried moving the steering wheel and turning the key at the same time and still nothing. please help. how do i get the ...

Question about 2001 Beetle

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...Speed Sensor Front Right (G45) Remove the front right wheel, confirm that the tone wheel is intact and not all flaked with rust. If it looks good, scrape out the gaps and get a new wheel speed

Why is my 1971 super beetle's front end violently shaking at 35 mph? could be several reasons loose front suspension parts wheel alignment faulty tyres steering joints worn. failed wheel bearings ...

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