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Question about 1995 Discovery

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Rover 400, rear wheels locked ok so i went on holiday, got back engine started fine, when i went to move, it didnt, the rear wheels where locked up tight, yes i did have the hand brake off, i trippled


I have a Disco II and the wheel hub bearing went and i'm tryign to change it but i cant seem to get the hub off, can any one help with a step to step guide or something, thanks. RAVE says the ...


2003 land rover discovery directions for replacing radiator try they have a tone of info on land rovers

vibration in steering wheel when a bump or other object in the road is hit You probably have a worn tie-rod. Jack one side of the car up at a time so that one front wheel is off the ground. Grab the ...

wheel speed sensor or corresponding tone ring. take it to a dealer. they'll hook it up to a computer and tell you which sensor or tone ring it is and give you an estimate. you only pay for the hour of

Question about 2001 Discovery Series II

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I have a Landrover Discovery 2 V8 2001 model and the amber warning light for the TC , down hill control and brake have come on what could the possible problem be. you may have bent one of the wheel ...

Question about 2002 Discovery Series II

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1999 Land Rover Discovery II. High range does not seem to have 4 wheel drive. Starting off quickly in ice only spins the front wheels. ABS on ice is not working the way I expect it to ( There is no ...

I can't get my 95 Land Rover Discovery out of 4-wheel drive The vehicle is all time four wheel drive, it cannot run in two wheel drive. The second shifter is for differential lock and high/low ...

my 2000 land rover discovery 2 sd model will not engage into 4 wheel drive and the engaging handle has no pressure at all? Your DII is (always) in 4 wheel drive. There is NO 2x wheel drive option on a

2000 land rover discovery 2 sd only has 4 wheel and low no 2 wheel drive setting how do you get it into 2 wheel drive? There is no two wheel drive on these vehicles.

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