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front wheel drive wheel bearing replacement pretty easy.....take off wheel and u will need a torque wrench just take off the 1 nut on your hub, you'll have to tak eoff your calipers as well.


my back right wheel locked why and what can I do my back right wheel locked. why and what can I do? This happen on my 2004 Chevy Aveo The exact same thing happened to my 2004 Aveo on the same side. I ...


...because there is something causing the ABS to malfunction. Some of the possible causes are; damaged tone ring, damaged sensor wire, bent axle, defective ABS controls. Your best bet is to pull the ...

Question about 2004 Aveo

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I have a 2004 chevy aveo. the rear driver side brake is locked. can not turn tire. how can I get the drum off. am having a lot of problems you are going to have to access the hole in the back of the ...

Question about 2005 Aveo

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I own a 2005 chevy aveo. The car had been sitting out the majority of the day not being used and the temp outside was minus 23. I went to start my car and the key turned properly but nothing happened,

tone will change if the wheel is turned left or right.You can try this test yourself, get car up to speed of noise and then listen as you turn wheel to left and then right and if the tone changes then

2005 chevrolet aveo rear passenger wheel locking When reversing out of the garage the car stopped, like it rested against something. With more inspection, the rear passenger wheel was locking. What ...

wheel bearing for 2005 chevy aveo front kind of a hm hmh hm hm hm as the wheel goese around wheel bearings on the aveo are pretty inexpensive and easy to replace.

Will spare wheel from 2009 Aveo 1.2 fit 2012 Aveo 1.2 Since the Aveo was discontinued in 2011 I think you have made an error in model year unless 2011 model was sold as 2012. That being said if the ...

aveo noise when turning and breaking The thing is that the car makes the noise when: 1- braking but when the car is almost stopping like: Clunk, clunk, clunk clunk... 2- and when turning curious that ...

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