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tone ring or sensor within one of the front wheel bearings is bad. To truely know what the actual reason for the light you will need to have a local repair shop or your local auto parts store scan the


...tone wheel' (a serrated hub that rotates with the wheel) and a pickup probe that mounts near to the tone wheel. Look for rocks that might be wedged in rubbing on the tone wheel and a bent or damaged ...


...tone wheel to the sensor. the fix is to take out the sensor and clean any rust from the sensor hole and mounting surface, so the sensor seats down in the hole deeper and is closer to the tone wheel. ...

tone wheels may be dirty these are on the axles pretty close to wear the inner wheel bearings are. they look like a fine toothed gear and there is a sensor riding right on them.follow the wires to the

...tone wheel on one or more wheels you did not mention if any abs or traction lights were on in the dash if none are on then i would check and clean the tone wheels on the rear[2WD] or all 4 [4WD] if ...

...thing is to scan abs codes and see if theres a code stored for the bad wheel, even if the lights not on there may be a code stored. i will bet its a wheel speed sensor or tone ring problem, good

tone will change if the wheel is turned left or right.You can try this test yourself, get car up to speed of noise and then listen as you turn wheel to left and then right and if the tone changes then

...tone but still there on both sides Could be the rears ,locating wheel bearing noise is a difficult job and even with 45 yrs experiance i still get it wrong ,ALSO I HAVE NOTICED THAT IT PAYS TO FIT ...

...wheel bearing my abs lights on, what would cause that? why did abs light come on after changing wheel bearing? Should i be concerned? tone ring join a trailblazer forum and post there find with ... Who is replacing those parts & why? Would seem more like an axle tone ring,wheel hub tone wheel inside bearing hub,abs module needing to be reflashed with an update or wheel speed

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