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Question about 1260-2 Calculator

1 Answer # 9.14.2004. Set TIME to 4:37 PM 1. Depress the C or C/CE key. Your display with show 0. and the tape will read 0.C. 2. Depress the TIME/DATE key and hold until the display is flashing. 3. Tap ...


Question about RD-XS34 DVD Player/HDD Recorder

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...time bar) does not show up. It use to show up showing the start time of the program, the end time, the time you are at in the watching of the show. There was also a display of the fast forward speed ...


front the space that shows the date will change to show the time zone. With the time zone showing press the "up" or "down" button to get to the correct time zone. need to set my sharp atomic clock 373

My PC takes very long time to get started. Disk checking shows "Invalid time set up". Dialogue box shows "CMOS WRONG". [email protected] My PC takes very long time to get started. Disk checking shows


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time should show Program: Capacity for 8 on-off times per day Press PROG to set first ON time ON and number 1 are displayed on left Use hour and minute button to set ON time Press PROG to confirm Now,

Question about HB88RC - 7-Day Programmable Outdoor Timer - 15 Amps - 120 VAC Li

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...ON shows in display) 8) To exit programming, press the CLOCK button. Current time show in the display. The timer should be operating correctly now. Add a comment, if you want to contact me

Question about ViviCam 5022 Digital Camera

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...time show up on the pictures The time it took the picture? You want to know if the camera will show the time it took the picture using the self timer? My answer is Yes and No. Do you have your camera ...

show the time. I know how to set the time using the buttons. But it doesnt show anywhere. How do i select the option to show time while driving. Please note that the Command panel does not have a time

time will show when I print the pictures. But, I need them to show the Date/time when I forward as an email for my work. Please help!! ,thanks.. Turn on the [Date Stamp] setting in the [Rec] menu. See

...time of your DVR to be precise. If the recording starts 2 minutes before the show starts it will cut off 2 minutes before the show ends! My DVR has functions that allow me to add a minute or two ...

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