Questions & Answers for: ASUS taskbar pin


...done is to take part of the window and increase the size of the bar. This actually should be the taskbar, but it's way too large. The screen panel is broken, it can't be fixed. Replace the LCD ...


Question about K52n-a1 Notebook

1 Answer

I don't know why but whenever I'm connecting the power cable with laptop I'm getting shocked from metal parts of the laptop. Is it any kind of earthing problem? Please help me before my ...


Question about K42F A1 Notebook

1 Answer

automatic shutdown when if you turn on it automatically shutdown When you plug in the power cord is there any lights whatsoever on the laptop, where the plug goes in or on the AC Adapter of the power ...

Question about K53EB1 156Inch Versatile Entertainment Laptop

1 Answer

no charging light no power to the laptop was tested the voltage is steady at all points but at the distribution point the voltage is weak Take the battery out, plug in the charger and see if the ...

monitor don;y work,i even hard it plug in the another moniter with a cable and still nother modol asus m70v WARNING: Before you start troubleshooting remember that you are dealing with electricity ...

Question about 14" K42JC-C1 Laptop PC with Intel i5-460M Processor, Windows 7 Home Premium (884840689928) PC Notebook

1 Answer

power cord not making contact Its possible the power pin on the notebook is worn or damaged and is not connecting properly or the plug is damaged, contact a local repair to test.

Question about K52F Notebook

2 Answers shortcuts onto my taskbar and start menu, half of my memory drive is filled with junk I don't want, even after uninstalling majority of them, and just recently, completely wiped it to install a ...

Question about X102BA-BH41T Black 10.1" Notebook 1 GHz AMD A4-1200, 2 GB DDR3, 320 GB HDD, Windows 8

1 Answer

cannot detect battery This notebook is 1 year old and my wife uses it on an irregular basis. When she wanted to power it up it just turned itself off. I re-seated the ac adapter and after a few ...

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