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Ad how to get the key....kindly help me MODEL NO: SUZUKI IGNIS 1.3 CHASSIS NO:JSAFHX51S00107402 ENGINE NO:M13A1041834 If you take  that info to the dealer they may be able to cut you a new


Question about 2005 Ignis 1.3

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why are my coils not sparking suzuki ignis 1.3 engine coil packs not sparking and i am smelling fuel coming through you need new coil pack

Ad ignis 1.3 would not start after it gets hot hot soak failure. all fails of this type are caused by only 3 things (4?) 1: lost electrical power to the EFI system, (kills spark/fueling) 2: lost ...

Question about 2005 Ignis 1.3

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suzuki ignis car 2003, dash gone dim how do you change the dash light there are like 20 parking lamps in car. many inside. name one light or all that are dim and there is a dimmer on all cars made, is ignis engine warning light- O/D Off mean? Visit the on-line store, know as reliable-store, they have the repair manuals. I'm sure you will get the solution of your problem. Best Manuals ignore ...

Question about 2004 Ignis

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suzuki parts diagram ignus 2003 oil pump housing gasket old post suzuki sells it

where is power steering reservoir for Suzuki ignis open glove box
take out the operators guide
turn to steering pages.
bingo. Better idea... Find the blue filler cap ... near the BRIGHT ...

Suzuki ignis 2002. I have a problem when the car is cool the transmission is ok, the speed past easy. when it run for a while it stay in one speed the 1 speed. Any idea what the problem is get it ... ignis 2002.when I opened the top I could find only 2 spark plugs .can someone tell me where are others Under the plastic plate on top of the block welcome to usa forum the country with zero ... here

if you have no suzuki there
why buy a suzuki?

fact too
do not post your radios serial here.
risky that.

seems its $28 every-time you lose he code card. For ...

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