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Question about 1991 SL2

1 Answer

Sub frame interchange 1991 Saturn SL2 with damaged front sub frame - will a 1992 or later sub frame bolt in? Trying to kill two birds with one stone, replace the sub frame that is damaged and move to ...


Install two 10" subwoofers in a 2002 grand am monsoon. Curently i have the two subs replacing my rear speakers i would like to hook both my subs and my rears up and the same time, my car already has a


Question about 2007 Impala LS Sedan New Cars

1 Answer

subs on stock radio i have a 2007 impala and i was wondering if i needed a converter to run subs on my stock radio? chev stock radio does not have extra plug in for sub. to run your sub, im assumed ...

amp wire pushin to much base out of car speakers and not to subs on my 1996 ford thunderbird how do i get rid of my amp wire becuz when i hook up my subs and turn up my stero i hear base in my car and

Question about 1996 Thunderbird LX

1 Answer

I have a Pioneer 5400t amp hooked up to a 10" 400w sub of unknown brand. The system was working perfectly for about a week, then I noticed the sub wasnt working. I blew both 30a fuses on the amp. I ...

How do I hook up a jbl 12 inch subwoffer to a car head unit The head unit should have a RCA Sub Out. The RCA wire goes to the Sub Amplifier, along with power, ground, and a blue remote wire from the ...

2002 explorer with stock 8 inch sub. Looking to replace stock sub with a 8 inch Rockford fozgate. I bought it but want know if this will make a diff or not . Please help if you know anything about The

What do I need to do to get sound into my preamp sub in my trunk? Can I run wires from the rear speakers to the input of the sub? I have a 2008 Chevy Cobalt and am happy with the stock radio and am ...

How to lower front sub frame on 2002 mercury sable support car place jack stands under sub frame. using an engine support to hold motor in place, disconnect anything that is attached to sub frame, ex:

Torque settings of cylinder head toyota quantum 2.7 vvti petrol Cylinder head cover sub-assy x Cylinder head sub-assy 9 92 80 in.?lbf Cylinder head sub-assy x Cylinder block sub-assy 1st - 39 398 29

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