Questions & Answers for: Pontiac Grand Prix stuck seat belts


Question about 2003 Grand Prix

1 Answer

seat switch won't go to back, it's stuck in the middle, well, it went forward and now will only go back to the middle position. how can I either get the seat out or take the switch out? I had the same


srs airbag light is on on my 99 pontiac grand prix when i crank my 99 grand prix the srs airbag light stays on and the seat belt light comes on every now and again If the seat belt light comes on ...


srs light stays on, need correct safety procedure to remove air bag in steering wheel WELL BE FOR YOU GO AFTER AIR BAG IN STEERING WHEEL YOU SHOULD GET THE CODE READ IT MAY NOT BE IN STEERING WHEEL IT

1996 pontiac grand prix seat belt light remains on. double check all wiring connections under each seat. unplug and or replug. probably lose connection on plug.

Question about 2008 Grand Prix

1 Answer

seat belt alarm wont stop. I assume you are wearing your seatbelt. You will usually find a wire connector under the drivers seat that will disable the alarm if unpluged. it will just be a 2 wire ...

Question about 1990 Grand Prix

1 Answer

stuck seat belt 1990 grand prix passenger side front belt will not release from housing so we can fasten in...all passengers sit in back seat so we do not get seat belt ticket. Remove the ...

I just replaced the water pump on my 06 grand prix and now something is squealing like hell The belt must be not in the right grooves on the compressor or alt, or bottom pulley. Check your serpentine ...

Question about 2006 Grand Prix

1 Answer

My seat belt sensor keeps going off when I am wearing my seat belt!! I found this post via, it worked for me on my 07 Vibe: This will turn off the 1 minute beep if the car is running and ...

my seat belt light is flashing but I have my belt on My seat belt is on but my seatbelt signal light is flashing there is a sensor that appears not to be working is stuck al the way forward. the motor runs but the screws do not turn. The seat is stuck all the way forward, how do I remove the seat to replace the motor. The motor runs but h the screws do ...

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