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...stuck back seat seat belt 2006 mitsubishi lancser Most often the cause for the rear belts getting stuck is not an actual bad belt mechanism, but the belt simply getting folded over and retracted that ...


Question about 2002 Galant

2 Answers

carbon breaks off and gets stuck between the valve and the valve seat thats exactly what happens. could be if the carbon was built up enough--other reasons--weak valve spring -rocker out of adjustment


Question about 2002 Galant

1 Answer belt doesn't work. it won't move at all. stuck with a little bit of slack. can i fix this seat belt issue myself? You might be able to lubricate it with WD - 40 or other spray lubricant ( I ...

Question about 2002 Galant

1 Answer

2005 Mitsubishi Montero has a back seat middle seat belt stuck in a recoiled position and will not extend. Replace it, buy one frome a junk yard. belt lights stuck on I took the seats out of my wife's 2007 Eclipse to clean the interior and now the airbag light inside the tachometer and the passenger seat belt light will not turn off. ... belt ding) while driving. Had the battery checked and autozone said it was bad (even though it was only a year old). Also had the alternator checked and they said putting out 14 volts, so it was ...

...stuck and I was outta gas. I checked fuses. The only problem I found was the oil in the sparkplug chamber. Any advice? I have to get it running again. I can do the labor just need ideas on what the ...

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