Questions & Answers for: Chevrolet Cavalier stuck seat belts

Ad belts in the front seats of my 99 Cavalier cut. I was wondering if you knew how to remove the old ones and install new seat belts. Thanks. When it comes to safety equipment in your car we are ...


I want to install seat covers on 2003 chevy cavalier. I can't figure out how to remove the head rest. Any ideas?? I would just make a hole to go around the section that holds the seat belt

Ad belt on the driver's side of my '98 Chevy Cavalier is stuck in the door position and won't pull out (it is a manual seat belt). How do I get it unstuck? Usually when they get stuck you can`t get ...

Question about 1998 Cavalier

1 Answer belts actual belt snapped and I was wondering how I could remove the belt so I may install a new one? just remove trim and replace as you take out..make sure you replace all new bolts with the ...

Question about 2001 Cavalier

1 Answer

how do i untwist a seatbelt Find the seat belt mounting bolt, unbolt the belt retractor assembly, untwist the belt and replace bolt and tighten.

Question about 1997 Cavalier

1 Answer

97 CHEVY CAVALIER INSTRUMENT CLUSTER SEAT BELT LIGHT AND AIR BAG LIGHTS WONT GO OFF Hi  Cari, That means there are defects in the operation of both circuits. Take the vehicle for a diagnostic ...

Question about 1997 Cavalier

1 Answer

INSTRUMENT CLUSTER air baglight and seat belt light wont turn off It is probably where the seat belt plugs in (Stalk) This will cause both lights as it is part of the SRS (Suplimental Restraint System

looking for 1999 Chevy Cavalier rear seat belt guide loop replacement. Its the guide that the rear seat belt goes through. mounted on top of seat. try local salvage yards and some time just look on ...

I have a 99 cavalier and the "dinger" ,that sounds when the seat belt light comes on, is constantly going off. Sometimes it is steady with a few seconds between. Other times the "dings" come one right

Drivers seat belt won't release, its like its locked in, 98 chevy cavalier Replace it. Mechanism is damaged need to replace belt

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