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Question about MR-17 Sirius-Ready AM/FM/CD Receiver Controller

2 Answers

I have a JBL MR-17.2 Sirius Ready stereo I can not get the Sirius ID number from the stereo (JBL MR-17.2 Sirius Ready). Sirius does not have instructions for this model. Can you please give me the ...


Question about Venue SUB10 Subwoofer

1 Answer

...cable(s) or connection(s). Don't forget to check for a tripped circuit breaker or blown fuse on the stereo's speaker output. If your sub is connected to a low level output - this shouldn't be a ...


Question about HLS810 Main / Stereo Speaker

1 Answer

the woofer doesnt work think its blown is it fixable First, unplug the stereo speaker then open the back. you see the 2 wires attached to the woofer then test it by multi tester. if it moved it means ...

Question about SF25 Main / Stereo Speaker

1 Answer

my jbl stereo wont turn on. when i turn my truck on it just lights up and then goes straight back off Hi there Willieulin. I wonder if the speakerwires are shorting the amp in the JBL stereo! One or ...

Question about Am/Fm/Cd 180 Watt Marine Audio System

1 Answer

...sterio quit working. Is this a common problem? JBL is at best a low quality marine grade brand of stereo. It is now garbage. I have worked on hot tub stereos for many years, PolyPlannar is the only ...

I have a JBL1004 amp in my ski boat. I killed the battery listening to the stereo and caused the battery to lose a cell and drop to 10 volts. The stereo cut out as one would expect. I have replaced ...

Question about Marine Audio Wired Remote

1 Answer

I have a jbl mr-145 in a hot tub. It keeps powering on and off??? I have the same model stereo in a brand new hot tub that was having the same issue. To fix it all u need to do is pull the front cover

Question about S120PII Subwoofer

1 Answer

how to set up to stereo ? Generally there is a left and right input. The sub is usually not in stereo, the frequences of the sub are more omni directional, and have no spattal placement in the stereo ...

Question about PB12 Subwoofer

1 Answer

subs hum when i turn of my stereo When it only hums when you turn On the stereo, check the cable and connections .When it hums, even without anything connected to it, then it needs repair

gt5 12 inch 275 watts how many watts of amp best? Depends on what output your stereo is. If you underrate the speakers (speaker watts is less than stereo output), the unit will sound louder for a ...

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