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Information on other types of stereos that fit in this vehicle. Can I upgrade to a modern stereo system? If so, what problems\if any are associated with it. If I wanted to upgrade my speakers which ...


Replaced dead battery....stereo won't work. I replaced the car battery on my mercedes 230 slk over the weekend. Now, all the controls for my stereo are gone. The stereo has power but no sound. I am ...


How to remove stereo from 1999 C240 Mercedes Hi, i want to remove the factory stereo in my C240 Merc so and an AUX input and a band expander but im having issues trying to get the stereo out!! Any one

Stereo seems low, could the stereo or speakers be blown? Speaker(s) not a home repair...Remember this, always buy speakers in pairs. Go to a local car stereo shop and have it diagnosed $30-50. I ...

Question about 1997 Mercedes Benz Sl Class

1 Answer

...12v+ Wire: Pink/Yellow/Green Car Radio Ground Wire: Brown Car Radio Illumination Wire: N/A Car Stereo Dimmer Wire: Gray/Blue Car Stereo Antenna Trigger Wire: Blue/White Car Stereo Amp Trigger ...

vents work perfectly but the side vents push hot air for some reason. whats the problem? 2nd is the stereo stopped working so what would be a good replacement stereo for this car? thank you its a 1989

Question about 2001 C-Class

1 Answer

.......what i have to do its not to hard if you have basic skills or better you must remove the old stereo from car which can mean certain parts of the dash will have to come out usually the surround ... the windows switch ligths blinks and have no instrument ligths. Hi, the aftermarket stereo does not use the illumination wire. You must tape that wire off (purple/gray). That wire is ...

Question about 2010 Sprinter

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my radio is not working but did work checked fuses Pull out stereo and check for power at the wiring to the stereo. Most stereo wiring will have one permanent power which powers the stereo's ...

how do i disconnect the alarm system on 1987 300 e mercedes benz The alarm is ran thru the factory stereo. The security system can stop car from starting. Make sure the original stereo is hooked up OR

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