Questions & Answers for: Chrysler Town & Country stalls when hot


Question about 1998 Town & Country

1 Answer

1998 chry. t&c lxi,runs great but once in awhile when you go to start it , it will start but stall like it ran out of gas it will do this for approx. 3 tries then there is nothing ,turn the key ...


Question about 2002 Town & Country

1 Answer

...stalls then picks backup, sometimes it dies but hard to start up ,have to step on gas.Also backfierd when starting or at higher rpms.(I had to drive 1.5 by turning engine on till 25 mpr then turning ...


Question about 2000 Town & Country

2 Answers

stalls while driving I have a 2000 T&C, 3.8ltr with about 134,000 miles. The van has started stalling while driving. It doesn't matter if the engine is cold or warmed up, if it's rainy or sunny, or if

Question about 2003 Town & Country

1 Answer

when hot, car will start, then stall. after when hot, car will start, then stall. after restarting and stalling 3 times, car will do nothing. Once the engine cools, it will start and run fine. check ...

Question about 1995 Town & Country

1 Answer

...stalls when its hot outside after van cools off it cranks back up Common problem in hot weather.  You will need to figure out if it is a fuel or spark problem.Also check the computer for trouble ...

Question about 2001 Town & Country

1 Answer

2001 Chrysler Town & Country getting 9.6 mpg Just bought a 3.8L Chrysler Town and Country. The thermostat runs hot after 5 miles, but the engine isn't that hot and temp. will come down ...

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