Questions & Answers for: Chevrolet TrailBlazer stalls when hot


Question about 2003 TrailBlazer

1 Answer

engine wants to stall when I turn my AC on the engine act like it wants to stop running, give gas it will run but engine get hot in fact I got a code P0128 (temperature sensor) reset and did not turn ...


Question about 2002 TrailBlazer

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stalls, pull over wait for a while starts back up and runs good. voltage dosen't register properly. recently stalled and won't start, instrument lights blink same time as flashers. new battery and cam


2002 trailblazer. the air all of the sudden started blowing HOT air! also when air is turned on the rpms drop dramaticaly and have even stalled the engine a few times! what gives? Do you have standard

2005 Trailblazer just changed the waterpump. Car 2005 Trailblazer just changed the waterpump. Car was running fine and very quiet, next day the car is making a tapping sound and stalling out. CHECK ...

2002 trailblazer starts then dies immediately WillR | 1 min ago I have an 02 trailblazer and have only recently had problems with it. I've gone to start it and it will turn over then ...

...stalls when blower is turned on. also have a P0118 code=temp sensor. could this be part of the problem? Well the code means the coolant temp sensor is telling the computer the engine is very hot or ...

Question about 2008 Trailblazer

2 Answers

...stalls, stumbles at idle. Has low fuel flow and runs hot? -------------- 1994 Toyota 4Runner: Stalls and Stops ...

vibration and bad smell 2004 chevy trailblazer I have a vibration a rattling noise and the smell of hot breaks. Also it tries to stall with the ac running. Breaks or Transmission problem? I believe it surges, then stalls. hot or cold, or both (hot or cold engine block)? You must not be in park, but in DRIVE, tell the full story,starting from keyon. or take it to a live person that can see

...stalls when I go to start it. I have heard a click or pop and the radio clock resets. sounds like a hot wire touching ground That is odd. These have a known issue with the ignition switch. It usually ...

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