Questions & Answers for: Chevrolet Tahoe stalls when hot


Chevy tahoe shuts off when driving when driving tahoe the engine shuts off sometimes can restart, but now it took 24 hrs before restarting chevy garage check codes nothing i am on here because of an ...


oil is milky, ran hot, gauges went crazy, no heat being blown I have a small leak in radiator, heater just blows cold air, temperature went to red then engine started running rough stalled in street ...


Why is my 99 cheve tahoe truck stumbling and then stalling out? When I am driving the truck will ****, and stumble and then go, or once I come to a stop it will just shut down with all lights still on

2002 5.3 L engins stalls when it gets hot, like pulling a trailer check coil packs and cat. converter

...stalls out while driving. usually starts back up after a few min. mostly only does this when it's hot out Hello , does the vehical stall out after its been driving a while and the engine has reached ...

stalls out while driving. It usually starts back up after a few min. Mostly only does this when it's hot out. Can anyone help me? Fuel filter. Timing/timing chain. Idle air control valve. Idle sensor.

2007 Tahoe: the display said engine hot a/c turned off, then t... The display said engine hot a/c turned off then the next day the check engine light came on. I'm not sure what the problem is It seems

Question about 2007 Tahoe

1 Answer weather my 2007 chevy tahoe stalls at times during acceleration in hot weather it does fine in cooler weather what could cause it to stall when the weather is above 80 degreez intake air temp mas ...

97 Tahoe run but shuts off whenever it wants This would be ok if when it wants is also when you want, lol. May be bad ignition module, which can be tested at parts store, however, since this only ...

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