Questions & Answers for: Chevrolet Monte Carlo stalls when hot


...stalls and dies also on acceleration the engine can die. this happens randomly. any ideas. thanks. Try the mass air flow sensor I t sounds like a fuel problem.Check fuel filter if thats ok  Test ...


Question about 1999 Monte Carlo

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1999 Monte Carlo Just replaced the fuel pump, new muffler, and gas is leaking from the reserve. The original problem was stalling, did tune up and nothing changed. Replaced the fuel pump and took it ...


Question about 1999 Monte Carlo

2 Answers

...stalls when you put the car in gear and also when you remove the vacuum hose for the pcv valve. THe fuel line was pinched so I replaced it with a inline fuel filter The carburator needs adjusting. ...

...stalls while driving. Cat Conv gets hot, but exhaust does not appear to be plugged. Everything I read says with these codes I should not notice any drivability issues, except decrese of power or ...

...stalls when driving HI, The DTC set PO102 is for your MAF (mass air flow) sensor. this sensors measures the air moving past it my heating a fine wire much like one inside a light bulb. Even cleaning ...

Question about 2002 Monte Carlo

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i have a 1988 monte carlo ls with the 4.3 liter tbi and distributer. i am not getting any spark from the ignition coil. i replaced the coil but i still have no spark. after trying to crank it a couple

My 1996 Chevy Monte Carlo has a problem with the ECM Batt Fuse, It does not blow it just shut the engine down when it gets hot, what do I need to do to fix it? If the fuse is getting hot, you most ...

why does my car stalls while driving and will not when hot? will not start it seems when hot and stalls while driving CPS

why does my car stalls while driving and it will not start when hot it seems Suspect a fuel pump problem

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