Questions & Answers for: Chevrolet Impala stalls when hot


...stalls when engine is cool I have replaced the radiator in my 2003 Chevrolet Impala LS. The car started running hot and shut down. Took it to a radiator shop and found a crack in the radiator. I have ...


Question about 2000 Impala

1 Answer

3800 engine My impala surges and will stall only when the engine is hot. When I am idling is when it will stall, if I keep it up over 1000rpms it doesn't stall. It almost sounds like a back fire when ...


Question about 2003 Impala

1 Answer, the transmission stalls once the speedometer,hits 20 mph and it takes off but slowly. My car is a 1998 Ford Taurus. Sounds like the tranny needs to be rebuilt. Like the pressure plate and the ...

stalls or tries to satll. unless you are talking about climate control, it is expensive and looks like a servo out of a remote control car. if faulty no control over temp, either hot or cold hope this

...stalls out at the same time), or possibly a security system malfunction. Get a decent volt/ohmeter and a vehicle specific manual such as chiltons or haynes. Do some testing, hot and cold and compare ... or interfere with anything that moves (alt, drivebelt etc). Needing to prime the carb does not indicate a flooding condition though if it's running out of fuel, while running to empty carb, check ...

...stalls can be very dangerous. dealer is stumped. this sounds like a fuel issue, sometimes can be difficult to diagnose because its obviously being intermittant. whether its a fuel pressure regulator ...

Question about 2005 Impala

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My 2005 Impala started to hesitate a little bit 2 wks ago. It got a worse a couple of days ago and then it cut off when I pulled in my garage. I cranked it right back up and assumed all was well. But ...

My impala was overheating. replaced water pump, thermostat, temp sensor, coolant sensor then found leak in radiator, bought new & replaced it as well. It acts like it wants to stall and temp guage

Question about 2002 Impala

1 Answer

stalls out when it hot out and will have to wait about 20 min before its starts up again Check Fuel Pressure with a gauge when it does run Fuel Pump may be failing Check that the Cooling Fans come on

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